Sunday, October 06, 2013

Comments Catchup Day

See you in comments.


  1. Fran K5:33 AM

    Hi Lynn, nothing to do with books - I just wanted to share. Taking inspiration from the creativity of you and your "posters", I've just completed my 2nd quilting lesson and have now finished a "pinwheel" block and a "grandmother's fan" block. I'm delighted to say they are looking good (to me anyway). Now I have 7 more pinwheels and 3 more fans to complete before we move on to the next block & sashing! Thank you all for the push in the right direction x

    1. What great news, Fran -- congrats! Quilting is a wonderful way to express yourself, and results in art with a very practical use. Aka my favorite kind of art. :)


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