Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Library Thing Promo Giveaways

Each month Library Thing, the online book catalog service that I've used to keep track of my personal library, gives away free copies of books for review to interested members, which is a very cool way to distribute the freebies they receive. I've just learned that members can also give away copies of their own published books for review purposes, too. Since the giveaways are open to e-books as well as print, this can be a very practical (and free) way for indie authors to promote their titles to reviewers. Since the giveaway books are awarded only to members who request them this means they'll definitely go to someone who is genuinely interested in reading them.

To find out more about giving away review copies of your books on Library Thing, go to the Members Giveaway page here and read the information on the sidebar.

Added: I've put up Library Thing giveaways for Her Ladyship's Curse and His Lordship Possessed; the winners will receive a code to download a free e-pub copy from SimonandSchuster.com (there are twenty copies of each book available for the giveaways; and since this is redeemable from the publisher site it is restricted to U.S. readers only.)

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