Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Recycle X 5: Bookmark Keeper

I have a collection of several hundred paper bookmarks, and the one thing that plagues me is how often they get misplaced (and that's my fault for leaving them in books, dropping them on a stack of papers, etc.) Over time most of my bookmarks also become dinged, bent or crumpled because I didn't store them in a protective fashion. It's even worse when I make some bookmarks, put them in a safe place and then promptly forget where that safe place is.

My next recycled cardboard project, a bookmark keeper, solves all those problems and requires only basic supplies. It's also easy enough for anyone to do. Here's what you'll need:

A piece of 10" X 14" cardboard folded or preforated in the middle (two 5" X 7" pieces also work)
Decorative papers to cover the cardboard on both sides
Glue stick
Three binder clips (four if you're using two separate pieces of cardboard)

To begin, Cover one side of your cardboard piece(s) with your glue stick:

Place the decorative paper you want on the outside to the glued side of the carboard piece(s); if you're using one piece fold in half to create a spine crease:

Cut out a square notch in the paper at all corners. If you're using one piece of folded cardboard, also make a vertical cut in the flaps at each end of the fold:

Apply glue stick to the inside of your flaps, then fold them over onto the inside of your carboard:

Glue two more pieces of decorative papers to cover the inside of the carboard and the edges of your flaps:

Let everything dry flat, then place your bookmarks inside:

Close your keeper and use the binder clips to secure the open sides:

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  1. Clever! I need to make one. My bookmarks tend to wander away, too. :-)

    1. This little keeper also prevents them from getting bent, too, which is my big problem (I find them eventually, but then they're all banged up from whatever I left them in or tucked them unde.)

    2. unde=under. I can't type today.

  2. Fran K5:10 AM

    Like you and Deb my bookmarks roam all over the place and finding one when needed is sometimes a trial. I'll have to give this a go.

  3. I'm going to try this for postcards.

  4. That is so awesome! Thank you for the inspiration!


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