Sunday, September 01, 2013

Comments Catchup Day

See you in comments.


  1. Fran K5:03 AM

    Hi Lynn, this question is nothing to do with books at all. Its about Americanisms! There's a preview on TV for a new series called Emily something MD and in it she faces the girl who bullied her in school. When the girl asks if she remembers her, she spouts off about how horrible she was to her and then says "you teepeed my car". I'm so curious its driving me nuts .. what's teepeed? Please put me out of my misery .. ! I hope this is understandable.

  2. No problem, Fran. "Teepeed" on this side of the pond generally means "T.P.'d" or "toilet-papered." Hanging an object (usually trees in the victim's yard, but also occasionally desks, cars or even a dorm room) with innumerable lengths of toilet paper. It regularly happens during Halloween, and is low-cost, crass prank among teens.

  3. Fran K3:52 AM

    OK now it makes sense! Thank you so much.


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