Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Free Reads from XOXO After Dark

XOXO After Dark, one of my Disenchanted & Co. publisher's community web sites, is now featuring a very cool page of free reads each month:

Here you’ll find XOXO After Dark’s Free Reads—complete e-books that you can read, for free, in your browser, tablet or smartphone. A new free ebook is added each week and each book is available to read for 30 days. Just be sure to check the expiration dates listed below. And don’t worry if you don’t have time to read it all in one sitting (who does?)—our e-reader will remember your place and take you right to the page you were on the last time you closed the book.

Keep checking to find free novels in all sorts of genres—romance, urban fantasy, women’s fiction, suspense and more. And if you like what you read, we hope you’ll be encouraged to try more by these authors, whom you can find in our shop. In order to take advantage of these free books, you’ll need to register with our site the first time you use the e-reader and login every time you return. Once you’ve done that, our bookshelf is your bookshelf—enjoy!

If you want to test drive an author, there's no better way than reading one of their full-length novels, so this could help you discover some great new writers and series for the price of registering.


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