Thursday, September 05, 2013

ReadWave Writing Challenges

Rob Tucker, the community manager over at ReadWave, got in touch with me on a new feature at his site that can help those of you who want to develop or work on your writing routine:

ReadWave has launched a new hub dedicated to weekly writing challenges. The weekly challenges are designed to inspire you with writing prompts, and to motivate you to sit down and write at least once a week.

ReadWave is a place for writers to share articles and short stories with the world, and is now home to tens of thousands of stories which are collectively read over 200,000 times each month.

The best entries will be posted up on the ReadWave homepage and showcased to the entire readwave readership, and the author will be interviewed on the ReadWave blog.

The writing challenge page is here, and currently has the following prompt:

Don't you sometimes wish you could write a letter to your 13 year old self, explaining all the things that are going to happen to you, and the things you wish you'd known. Write it now!

The core services of ReadWave (uploading, reading and sharing) are free, and stories on the site can be shared on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. If you're interested in building an online readership with free content but would rather not meddle with a web site or blog, ReadWave is an interesting alternative.

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  1. A nice post! I've personally worked together with both Rob and Raoul doing an internship at the company. I hope they succeed with ReadWave, it's a great idea!

    Please check out my short post on ReadWave and comment if you have the time! :)


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