Sunday, June 09, 2013

Comments Catchup Day

See you in comments.


  1. You mentioned a while back that there may be a Darkyn ebook in your future-and ours. (Richard!) Anything to share on that front?

  2. Here's where I am right now with free e-books in the works: now that I've finished the Lords of the Darkyn trilogy I know what changes I need to make to Chrysalis, Richard's story in order to get in in sync. If all goes well this summer (and I am actually ahead of schedule on work at this moment) I should be able to deliver it in early fall.

    I also have another free e-book in the works to be released in July. I'm waiting on the cover artist and I have about a week of work to do on the story. Since this one is a surprise for my readers that's all I'm going to tell you, but stayed tuned to PBW this month for a peek at the cover art and more details.

  3. Fran K9:11 AM

    Oh boy! Between Disenchanted & PBW there's so much to look forward to!


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