Monday, May 07, 2012

Headscratch Ten

Ten (Weird) Things That Happened Last Week

A marketing person sent me a Kirkus review for one of my novels. I usually don't read them, but said review was so glowing as soon as I opened the e-mail it practically blinded me.

So, has someone at Kirkus been drinking their lunch lately?

A mere three bucks bought me two hardcovers and a trade paperback.

This is odd because I generally don't find books at the dollar store that I actually want to read. I also didn't know they were getting remaindered hardcovers from Wal-Mart, so I will be checking out their book aisle more often. If anyone wants to check to see if one of their local $1 store carries the same titles, I bought these at Dollar Tree.

After losing fifteen pounds I thought I would hit a plateau, but nope, got on the scale and saw I lost two more pounds.

Giving up all forms of sugar might actually be worth the enormous amount of pain and suffering involved.

I entered an unpublished novel in a contest.

It's a genre I haven't published in, the entries are judged blind (no author name on the manuscript) and for me entering a contest is coloring way way way outside the lines.

I got through three weeks of art class without being kicked out for being a smartass.

Or a dumbass, no less.

I used craft foam for the very first time.

I used craft foam for the very last time, too.

A colleague surprised me by confessing her secret love for the books I wrote years ago under an old/retired pseudonym.

It's nice to be the author of secret love books. Next I'd like to write someone's completely obsessed with, utterly addicted to, must tell all their friends about them novels.

Under certain conditions of my choice I agreed to do something I haven't done in nine years.

I'll let you know what it is if I have to make good on my offer. In the meantime, you can cross off the What the Heck is It? list me getting married again, dyeing my hair blonde, or writing a memoir about my writing career. Those I won't do for a billion dollars, so the eligible bachelors, unguarded retinas and publishing corporations of the world are still safe.

With my trusty camera I photographed a picture perfect sunset.

And for once I didn't have to use that "straighten picture" fixit thing in photoshop to correct the level of the horizon.

Without noticing it I stepped - barefoot - on a huge wolf spider in the garage.

Yes, and hearing and feeling that crunch is something I could have gone my whole life without experiencing. Stephanie Tyler, I finally get your phobia. Oh, and I haven't lost that much weight, so RIP Monsieur Araignée.

Anything weird happening in your corner of the world? Let us know in comments.


  1. I found myself surrogate mother to a week old Highland heifer calf. Bottle feeding is a struggle that gives me new respect for mothers across the world.

  2. The minute someone mentions spiders I cannot help but get the heebee-jeebeez! Curses...

    Nothing particularly weird has happened to me, but I saw the three most adorable kittens on my way home from school today, and they tried to follow me home. I had to resist the urge to kittynap them.

    1. Kittens -- oh, yes. I saw a litter of wee baby tabbies a few weeks ago who stole my heart. But three pets are our limit now, so I just stop by the local no-kill shelter now and then to volunteer and get my feline fix.

  3. Guessing... a signing or speaking at a workshop thing?

    And um, this? Next I'd like to write someone's completely obsessed with, utterly addicted to, must tell all their friends about them novels.

    ah....that's what I do. O.o

    1. I need you to clone yourself, girl. A couple thousand more of you would help. :)

  4. the spider thing is icky. loved your craft foam comment. LOL. havent seen pictures of your love/hate rose bush yet unless I missed a post


    1. Craft foam is evil. Pure evil. Cranky has not been having a great spring; we had to prune some dead canes off her and she's gone dormant in protest. You can see a pic of one of her blooms here:

  5. "Next I'd like to write someone's completely obsessed with, utterly addicted to, must tell all their friends about them novels." I thought you already did this with the StarDoc and the Darkyn / Kyndred books. =o)

    1. Partially, maybe. I do need to up the amperage a bit more if I'm to keep competing with all the talented scribes coming into the market.

  6. After 22 years of marriage hubby and I bought our first set of matched pots and pans.

  7. Did daytrips to Seattle two Saturdays in a row, infant and 2 older kids in tow, without any issues. Also, we found parking at both our destinations.

    Possibly not weird but wildly encouraging, the space opera I wrote in the new house has already been turned in, edited, turned back in and is in final copy. I will next see it in print. That was fast!

  8. Nothing odd happened last week, which given all the odd things that happened in the previous several weeks is odd. Tuesday was book release day and I had a cranberry raisin oatmeal cookies to celebrate which is kind of odd since there was no chocolate involved.

    And I second what B.E. said about the Darkyn novels.

  9. Odd thing? I joined a gym.

    Even odder? I love it.

  10. Weird things. Hmmm...

    For the first time in almost a year, I looked at a picture of an antique object and half a story popped into my head, just like that.

    I yanked everything out of my kitchen cupboards and cleaned them out. (I know you understand why that's weird)

    I was asked to volunteer for something and managed to say no! I shocked myself with that one.

    And I too, loved the foam comment! I learned my lesson with that sh...stuff a long time ago. ;o)


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