Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Found at B&N

Over the weekend I got a chance to visit the big Barnes & Noble store in my region, and in the process found a trio of interesting things:

Creative Journal Writing ~ the art and heart of reflection by Stephanie Dowrick: I have plenty of books on journal-making and journal art, but not too many on journal content, so this caught my eye immediately. I'm working my way through it slowly, but from what I've already read it's a bit like a journal coach, in that it helps you get started, gives you reasons to keep going and offers some interesting directions to follow. I like that writers who actually journal are frequently quoted in the book; I tend to relate better to someone else who is actually working at the same thing. The author is an Australian writer who according to her bio is a #1 bestseller of fiction and nonfiction in her country ($14.95).

Tree-Free Journal: The cover of this blank book provocatively informs the buyer that it's made from recycled underwear and tee-shirt scraps (from a manufacturer of the same, so we can assume these clothing items were unused.) Although no trees were harmed during the making of this journal, it does look and feel just like a real book with real paper pages. This one was made in India by World Paper Inc., which supports traditional crafts through development and trade ($9.95).

The Writer's Chronicle Magazine: This is the Summer 2012 issue of a magazine for writers I've never before seen, so naturally I had to test-drive an issue. It's big and glossy and well put together, and there are pages upon pages of contests, grants, sub ops, conferences, etc. The articles were a mix of topics; one about author Shirley Jackson's distinguished and all-but-forgotten husband, an interview with a prize-winning literary author, and one pretty neat piece on modes of conveying emotion in writing. It's kind of a cross between The Writer and Poets & Writers minus the obnoxious bits, and I like the market listings most of all, so now I'm thinking about subscribing to it. Ironically, unlike every other magazine I buy or subscribe to, there were no mail-away subscription cards in the issue ($5.95).

What interesting things have you found at your local brick-and-mortar lately? Share some with us in comments.


  1. I've never heard of The Writer's Chronicle either, but that cover would have made me pick it up, too. And a web search tells me it's in its forty-fourth year ?!!! http://www.awpwriter.org/magazine/

  2. My last trip to a brick and mortar store was specifically to pick up Rob Thurman's latest. I of course left with like three other things too, all of which have just been added to by TBR pile at home. I'm most looking forward to "Academy X" by Andrew Trees.

  3. The last time I went into one of our local B&M stores was a trip to the used books store, looking for YA SF/F I loved as a kid to share with my own, many of those titles not being available in new editions. Positive: found many books. Negative: learned the store is closing as their rent was doubled and they can't afford to stay open. Makes me wonder how many stores have been impacted similarly, when the building is sold and rent goes up beyond what the profit margins will allow.

  4. I haven't been to a bookstore in a while mostly because it takes an hour to get there. But I think I'll head there to see if I find "Creative Journal Writing ~ the art and heart of reflection," by Stephanie Dowrick. It sounds great.


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