Monday, May 21, 2012

First Look

I'm still off hammering away at my deadline, but I thought my German readers might like to see this:

This is the LYX edition of Stay the Night, Darkyn book seven, and a lovely wrap-up for this translation of the series. My German is terrible, so excuse me if I'm wrong, but I believe the retitle is End of Darkness, which seems quite appropriate, if not entirely accurate.


  1. Gorgeous cover, Lynn. Congrats! I hope the Germans gobble it up.

  2. Beautiful cover. Congrats!

  3. To be 100% correct, it's 'At the end of the darkness'. :)

    Looks gorgeous - I'll be keeping my eyes open for it in my fav bookstores!

  4. I've been trying to comment for days! I couldn't though unless the blogger site was set up like your PBWindow one, with a comment window that opens separately.

    Anyway...Awesome cover.

  5. Anonymous10:14 AM

    WOW .. this cover looks great like the others .. must find out when it cames out here(greetings from germany;-))

  6. Yet another lovely cover. Lyx is doing a really good job with your Darkyn covers.

    Last week, I spotted the book on a shelf at a bookstore in Bremen in North Germany. I would have taken a photo, but unfortunately I did not have my camera.


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