Thursday, February 09, 2012

More Big Huge Labs Stuff

I've been back over at Big Huge Labs looking for some ideas, this time for an art project. I wanted to frame some of my own photos in interesting ways, and decided to try out their Framer generator.

The Framer offers these options to frame any image file you upload:

USA Stamp ~ USA Stamp, no postmark ~ Canadian Stamp ~ Canadian stamp, no postmark ~ Stamp border ~ Stamp border, no postmark ~ Canvas Panels ~ Canvas Panels (portrait) ~ To-do List ~ Autumn Leaves ~ Film ~ Holga 35mm ~ Holga 35mm (portrait) ~ Frosted glass ~ Frosted Glass (portrait) ~ Wood Frame ~ Reflection ~ Polaroid ~ Brushed edge ~ Brushed edge (portrait)Bulletin Board ~ ColorCraft Bonus Photo

It's very simple to use this generator; you just upload your photo, choose a frame style, select the position of your image within the frame, set the background color, choose a date (for the postmark frames) and add a photo credit if desired. Once you click on create, the generator does the rest. Here are some of the framed images I did in a few seconds:

Postage Stamp with Postmark Frame:

Frosted Glass Edge Frame:

Traditional Wood Frame:

Brushed Edge Frame:

They also offer one option that produces a nice organizational helper:

To-Do List:

For those of you who are making your own covers or promo items, this might be a useful online tool to bookmark.


  1. Awh, that's really cute! I'd totally make a little to-do list out of it :D Hahaha!

  2. Your photos are beautiful.

    I was on that site yesterday; spent way too much time dinking with the calendar was so fun!!

  3. Love it -
    Creativity bursts out of your pores. ;-)



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