Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I'm back and mostly recovered from road drag (like jet lag, only harder on the lower back.) The weather was not especially great for long-distance driving, and I never again want to navigate my way through the mountains in the freezing rain and pitch-black darkness, but all's well etc.

A couple of months ago I ordered my reward for finishing my latest book, and weirdly enough it arrived a few hours after I turned in my revisions to my editor:

I didn't get a chance to take my kid to see Breaking Dawn part 1 last year when it came out in the theater, and although she's really outgrown the whole Twilight thing I thought we'd watch it together to see [part one of] how it wraps up. I didn't realize I'd ordered the collector's edition, though; I just clicked on the DVD edition that came with a $5 rebate. I like rebates.

When I took the DVD out of the shipping box it felt rather heavy, so I opened it to see if the discs were made out of marble or something. Inside was the usual shot of the star-crossed menage plus a couple of ordinary discs:

But under the pop out wedding scene in the center I found this:

It's a real fake flower from the real fake wedding in the movie; an actual prop from the film. I know this because a certificate of authenticity is also encased in the acrylic holder; I got bogus bud #19124. While it's not especially rare -- going by the numbers there are 157,999 other collector's editions out there -- I admit, I was kind of charmed. I've never before owned an authentic movie prop. My fake flower is a little flat-looking; maybe Bella stepped on it on her way to the altar. Or sat on it at the reception. There was a reception, right? How do vampires have a reception?

Anyway, I showed it to my kid, who also thought it was neat. She was a bit puzzled over the reason for my purchase, though. "I'm kind of over the whole Twilight thing, Mom," she said, "so why buy the movie?" Before I could make an excuse, she wagged a finger at me. "Aha! You never finished reading the last book."

"I've been busy," I told her, and that was true enough. And while I sincerely admire Stephenie Meyer for getting so many teens to read, and wish her all the best and much continued success, nothing on this earth could convince me to pick up that novel again.

The fake flower is pretty cool, though, and I think it shows some true inventiveness on the part of the Twilight marketing team. For diehard fans of any age there's probably nothing quite as exciting as owning a tiny piece of something that is so significant to them.

I've been working on my own modest assortment of promo items for the release of Nightborn. I decided to go with things I love to do (read, quilt, assemble, bead) and use what skills I have in those departments to design, make and/or put together my giveaways. I've also come up with a special Nightborn design of my BookLoop to give away with every book I sign, which makes that a (very limited) edition collectible. And while my promo will never match the plethora and distribution of Twilight fake flowers, I think readers appreciate having a one of a kind item just as much as the mass-produced variety.

What do you think of collectibles for readers? Let us know in comments.


  1. The only collectibles that I have as a reader are either signed books or bookmarks. Though I do have a special set of bookmarks that I won as a part of an auction that are specially made. I think I would probably spring a little extra cash if the author/publisher offered something collectible and it is from an author I follow that I probably would get a collectible.

  2. Clairecherven11:15 AM

    I received a special book charm/marker several years ago with a hardcovered book. I was especially grateful because I never leave the dust cover on the book as I read and never use the flaps to mark my page. When I removed the dust cover,there was an amazing embosment on the hard cover. A double reward!

  3. That's pretty cool! I'm not much of a collector unless it's something zebra, but I know people who are into things like that and would love it. It's a good idea for die-hard fans.

  4. Okay, this was directly related to your comment, but do something like the flower but for quilt scraps. Basically, make a quilt using the colors of the characters (referencing a previous post) and give out numbered bookmarks or something with a scrap of the cloth in them, and have a ceremony to draw the number to send one lucky person the actual quilt? But everyone would have a piece of your creative process?

  5. I have a book you signed for me. It says that I owe you an autographed book. As soon as I get a print book in my hands, I'm signing it and sending it to you. Every time I read that, it makes me feel amazing. Truly. A little boost when the grind gets to you.

    It means a lot to have a piece of a great story. I have framed pictures of cover flats I won in a contest. The covers are just unbelievable.

    I can't wait for Nightborn. :D Your promotional stuff is so personal that it gives an extra bit of love to the gift.


  6. Only real collectible of this sort that I can think has more personal meaning than anything else... *G* Robin Hood Prince of Thieves was the first movie I ever saw with my guy and he bought me a book that was something like this-not an 'album' thing, but a picture sort of book that showed like Marion's wedding dress(es) and various behind the scenes stuff.

    I love it because of the memories behind it, and because of who gave it to me. ;)

  7. That is so neat. I think that's a great idea on their part. For me, the book itself is a collectible. They are like little trophies on a shelf. lol Nice post. :)

  8. Anne V.5:52 PM

    I love signed copies (thanks to you again!) and I noticed that Rob Thurman is having her readers suggest a playlist for her upcoming book and then choosing the songs for a unique soundtrack that she'll then give to one of her "reavers". She also sent a cool email valentine from Cal, which was not only funny but contained wallpapers, cover art pics and promo music from several series.

  9. I only own one book-related collectible; a stuffed Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback from Harry Potter. Wait, two, I have a statue of Gandalf the Grey. For the most part, collectible=something I do not have space for (5 people, 1 cat, 1300 square feet) so it has to be something really meaningful.

  10. I have a bunch of Kim Harrison collectible stuff from her signings over the years-a keychain with handcuffs advertising Dead Witch Walking, wooden coins, a burning bunny pin, packet of tomato seeds and the like.

    I like them because in one way or another they tie in to the book they advertise. :) Memorable and kinda nifty.

  11. I don't have anything collectible from books. But your Breaking Dawn flower reminds me of a movie collectible I do have. I worked for a company that made children's videos, and while I was there we made our first feature film. As a memento for everyone who worked on the film, we cut up a copy of an actual film print and sandwiched a few frames of film between two slabs of clear acrylic, which we then had engraved. So every person got a piece of the actual movie. We handed them out randomly, and when I realized I had received some frames from a key part in the movie, I gave it to the producer who was pleased to have that particular segment. I got hers in exchange.

    PS - I enjoyed the Breaking Dawn Part 1 movie far more than I enjoyed the book - I finished the movie. Can't say the same about the book.

  12. I love collectibles for readers, especially if it ties in with the book, has a personal touch, etc. My signed books are precious to me and never get loaned out...I just taunt my friends and family with them and encourage them to go buy their own, haha. Suzanne Brockmann has done a lot with her virtual signings and has character trading cards with her latest release, I think it's a swell idea. The Bookloop I got from you is one bookmark I make sure to not lose, I think a special edition one would be really cool! I just pre-ordered Nightborn using an Amazon gift card I won for writing a review of Eloisa James' latest book. I tell you, I should start playing the lottery. ;-)

  13. I have signed books but not much else. But I think the idea is really cool. I still yearn for the La Nora bobblehead that went around a few years ago.

    And this makes me wonder how much the notes JK Rowling wrote on HP would go for.

    Better yet how much I'd pay for Back to the Future collectibles. I love that movie to distraction.


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