Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This and That

I've received several invitations (or possibly some weird kind of SPAM) from Goodreads asking me to "claim" my author page. Here's the problem: a while back I discovered that Goodreads was bootlegging my blog content and posting it on their site without my permission. I contacted them and politely told them to stop it. They didn't feel copying my content was wrong, but agreed to remove it. Only what they really did was move it elsewhere on their site by posting it under another of my pseudonyms. I guess they thought I wouldn't noticed. So anyway, in the event this isn't weird SPAM, no, I won't be claiming anything that has to do with Goodreads.

I have adjusted down my total published stats over there on the sidebar; the explanation as to why can be read on the Backlist/Bibliography page.

Finally, my agent kindly sent me a few extra ARCs for Nightshine, my fourth and final Kyndred novel, which will be released next month. As I already did a general giveaway for the ARCs my publisher sent me, I thought I'd do something different with these. Any suggestions? Let me know in comments.


  1. Margaret S4:49 AM

    Arrange visits to a few veterans hospitals and leave a copy for the veterans to read while they recover. I am sure a lot of the books in these places are older ones with the occassional newer one left when someone leaves. Maybe if you consulted your publishers you could get a few more of your books to donate possibly a full set of Kyndred novels.

  2. I was going to suggest something similar -- can you donate to veterans, soldiers or libraries in places like VT that were hit with natural disasters and lost a lot of their materials?

  3. Have people nominate a person that has done something extraordinary and you randomly choose who gets the books from that.

  4. Fran Kane10:48 AM

    I'm a member of a sci fi association and each year at our AGM we hold a charity auction of memorabilia / books that have been donated to us. This year we raised £350 for a palliative care unit which helped the mother of one of our members when she was dying. I'm not saying give us a copy to auction, particularly as we're in the UK, but there must be something similar, or maybe a book club locally, that would appreciate the donation. We are thinking of trying a raffle next year - also a good use of donated gifts. As an auction bidder / raffle ticket buyer, I would be delighted to have the chance to get something really special and unique like an ARC.

  5. Anonymous8:20 PM

    That is pretty naughty for Goodreads to copy your blog pages. I'm feeling a bit cranky hearing they do that!

    Donating books is always a great idea. For contests I like the ones like Robin mentioned, where readers submit some creative name, idea, etc. It is always fun to read what others come up with!

  6. In my opinion i prefer the donations, because you can help and it is a good advertisment for you.

  7. I read "If Angels Burn" because of a contest on goodreads. then I was addicted to the series. Goodreads gave me a forum where I met other darkyn lovers, one of them who pointed me to your blog because I kept asking questions but didn't know where to go to. A lot of us "readers" on Goodreads follow our favorite authors and do contests with our favorite books/series on goodreads. It would be great if Goodreads had a page where you posted information for your fans. And we could post questions, comments etc back to you.
    Goodreads should respect your wishes since it is your work, so maybe you guys can work something out. I would love to see your page at Goodreads with information. Just my opinion, but I would beg you to give goodreads (and us fans) a 3rd chance...pretty please!!!

    On the ARC issue:
    anyway...I am not a veteran, but I'm a new mom and would love to a chance to win your book. How about another contest for the books?

  8. I like the idea of donating it to a charity to use in an auction


  9. raffle them off for a donation to the charity of your choice.
    Or give them to bloggers or someone that will and can post a review.

  10. Have you considered Bookcrossing the books? It would be an interesting way to introduce them to people who might not normally read that genre. It might also get a few people on who look at it and decide to buy a copy.


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