Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Free for All

Some offers I noticed while I was over checking out the NaNoWriMo website:

You can use Pangurad "free during NaNoWriMo 2011. PangurPad is a new kind of online writing tool and publishing system with many features and a fantastic community. As an official NaNoWriMo 2011 participant you can use PangurPad entirely free of charge to write your novel, then format and embed it directly on your website or publish it as an eBook. Any participant signing up for a full membership before December 31st will be supporting NaNoWriMo with 5% donated back to the Office of Letters and Light." Nice that they give back a bit to the NaNo folks.

Yarny promises always to have a free version online (which is why I already love them) that allows you to "Write the way you want to write, using any approach you like in a simple, distraction-free environment. It's novel writing in the cloud. In today's world, we just don't think you should have to learn to use software anymore. With automatic saving, versioning and simple ways to track the people, places and things in your novel, it's easy to get organized and stay focused. We will always have a free version. A few things won't be free, but not many. Paid plans, beginning in December, will be dirt cheap. And, all NaNoWriMo winners get 50% off of an annual subscription."

WriteWay has a demo version you can use for free until 12/15/11, and is also offering a 50% discount on their Pro version; see more details at their NaNoWriMo page here.

Finally, to do my part to contribute a freebie for NaNoWriMo, from now until December 1st you can get a copy of my out of print writing how-to, Way of the Cheetah in .pdf format. Read online, download and/or print out the e-book here.


  1. So much awesome! Thanks :D

  2. Like everything else you do online, you lose control. The cloud has already had some spectacular failures. Why would anyone trust their hundreds of hours of work to it when there are any number of free or inexpensive writing apps?

  3. Anne V.12:33 PM

    Thanks for putting Way of the Cheetah up again. It helps to look this over while I mentally prep for Nano!
    Thanks also for being a cheerleader for those of us who are Nanoing-it really does help to have a cheerleading section when you take on a challenge.

  4. MeganS3:00 PM

    Thank you so much for Way of the Cheetah!

  5. Write or Die (I'm pretty sure) is also free. It has desktop and browser versions. It encourages you to keep writing through interesting sound and color methods.

  6. I love writing prompts--anything to help me step out of my daily writing tasks, as long as they don't take too long. Many have ended up turning into something bigger, based on just the kernel of an idea.

  7. Lynn,

    You're amazing :)
    Thank you for all the tips xxx

  8. WAY OF THE CHEETAH is brilliant - that's very kind of you to put it up for free. I'll give it a shout out on twitter. :)



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