Monday, August 01, 2011

Virtual Design Ten

Ten Things to Help Design Settings

3Dream is a room-space design generator that allows you to custom design and arrange a given space. Requires download of plug-in.

Although I was a big fan of Degraeve's Color Palette Generator, it doesn't seem to be functional anymore (at least for my browser/computer.) Hunting around for an alternative, I found another generator here at CSS Drive that offers light, medium and dark as well as full palettes for URL images or those you upload.

The Color Scheme Designer helps you figure out a variety of color schemes, from monochromatic to analogic and more. is very basic, but of all the generators I found it was the easiest to use and didn't require me to jump through any hoops at all. Good for laying out a rough floor plan. has an impressive online design-a-room generator that shows you how different types of floors look like in a variety of room styles and colors. (registration for free account required to use) gives you the ability to draw up your own floor plans online.

Mydeco's design generators give you a lot of predesigned options to create rooms and mood boards (idea collages.)

Sherwin Williams has a pretty amazing online color visualizer that allows you to upload your photo of a room and virtually repaint it with their products.

Small Blue Printer allows you to build your own floor plans online, view them in 3D, walk through the structure and print out the plans. To help give you ideas, there are four pre-loaded sample plans you can work with, too.

Totally Custom Wallpaper has an online wall covering generator that allows you to create your own wallpaper, mural or canvas using templates, stock images or your own photos.


  1. Minecraft! It's the most fun you can have house building. Just switch to easy mode so the creepers don't get you.

    'Course, you'll never get another novel finished.

  2. Interesting online design generatorys. Im off to reading more about these. Thanks for sharing!


  3. :p You have no idea how much time I just wasted playing with the Little Blue Printer. :p And that when I already HAVE software to draw maps and floorplans. :p Yes...RPG tools intended for gamemasters can be useful to a writer...;-)


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