Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Robot

Sometimes you just need a robot, right? Thanks to Robohash, now you can generate "provide unique, robot/alien/monster/whatever images" by just visiting the site (your IP address generates one) or by typing in some text.

Here's what I got:

Don't be fooled by the single red eye or the television antenna on his head; he's 100% ready and able to wipe out the laundry for me.

Link swiped from Gerard over at the Generator Blog.


  1. Oh, fun! I had to click. Mine looks like a skull wearing a pineapple but if it does laundry, I'll take it.

  2. Going to try this out. I am in desperate need of someone/something to chase the dust bunnies from my house. :D

  3. This is just like my little kids drawing at school! Cute!

  4. I'm on my way to become an addict! Man, this is so much fun!
    Anyone got any idea how it works?


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