Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Miracle Fish

I'm sorry I'm late posting today. Yesterday the kid and I went on a random adventure, which is when we jump in the car, point it in a direction and drive until we find something interesting enough to make us stop or we need food. It's not something I do very often, as I prefer to plan just about every second of my day, but the spontaneity is good for me.

This time we ended up at a small museum we'd never visited that featured an exhibit of installation art. Among the many fascinating pieces was an interactive display of fortune telling miracle fish, which we were invited to try out for ourselves. Since the artist's statement assured us that all of the fortunes were good ones, we decided to give it a go.

To receive our fortunes, we had to remove a little fish cut-out made of Mylar from the exhibit, and hold the fish on our palms until it reacted to our body heat. We then matched which part of it curled (or didn't curl) to the fortune on the back of a small envelope, also provided by the artist.

Kath's fish didn't curl (skinny teens have cold hands), so her fortune was "smooth sailing." My fish's tail curled, which meant "dream job." It figures my fortune would involve work. But as I already have my dream job, I think it was just reminding me to be a little more grateful for it.

As a reminder I've been keeping my 2011 motto fortune on my desk, but it's been migrating into my notes or falling to the floor, so I need to make it less likely to get lost. I didn't want to tape it to the computer, so I finally made it into a ATC. It's a bit harder to lose a card, and I wanted to experiment with making artist trading cards again.

I think at the end of the year I have to pass this one along to someone else; at least that's what my inner superstitious muse is muttering. The card will definitely make it easier to hand off.

I think we can make our own fortunes, good or bad, but it doesn't hurt to wish or let a random suggestion guide us along the way. The universe has an endless ocean of miracle fish waiting for someone to find them, and hold them in the palm of their hand, and see what might be happening next.


  1. I like your attitude, it's kind of like the old sport's saying, (I think it was a famous American golfer who said it about being "Lucky") - "the more practice I do, the luckier I get."

    I think hard work and perseverance can bring us all the luck we're looking for. Sounds an intersting discovery all the same.

  2. Miracle fish sound fun! I often use a tarot card drawn at random for daily inspiration, in my own life or in the current project. Amazing how often it helps.

  3. Anonymous1:24 PM


    What a cool adventure! I love that you just jumped in the car and took off like that.

    I would wager that your child remembers that day for a long, long, long time.


  4. I love that random adventure!

  5. Oh yes, the fortune telling miracle fish. I remember very similar miracle fish from my teens, though ours were less elaborate and they were supposed to detect whether you were in love or not. I have very sweaty hands and so the miracle fish not just curled in my hand, but it jumped around in my palm until it finally fell to the floor. I never got to live that one down.

  6. It's true! Writing is a dream job! I love it.


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