Monday, June 13, 2011

Writer Dad Ten

Ten Things to Get Your Writer Dad for Father's Day

James Scott Bell's excellent writing nonfic, The Art of War for Writers, may help a writer dad get back on track.

Check out special events at your local indy book store that your writer dad might enjoy. Here's a store in Marin, California that has a luncheon this week with author Anne Patchett plus a signed book for $55.00.

For the writer dad who has not had his brains sucked out of his skull by an e-reader, try a set of Bookends.

I still wince over the title, but Bill Bryson's The Mother Tongue ~ English and How it Got That Way is one of those books I always give guys who read and write, and they always love it.

If the budget is tight, you can download tons of free e-books in all the formats you can imagine over at For those writer dads who love SF, I recommend Jay Caselberg's Binary.

Give him the ultimate writer dad outerwear: The I Write T-shirt from InkyGirl Debbie Ridpath Ohi's online shop.

A blank book, notebook or journal encourages writer dad to write, and one that is handmade or artfully altered can provide add some addition inspiration. Currently you can shop over forty-seven thousand journals for sale by independent artisans over on

Buying from Levenger can be extremely expensive, but there are often bargains to be had, too. It's not on sale, but I like this Lamy lightweight Safari fountain pen (which, btw, I found nine dollars cheaper over at WritersBloc here. So do shop around.)

Office Depot gift cards have no expiration date and are shipped to your writer dad for free.

I love Platinum fountain pens, so I also have to mention Writersbloc for their nice, reasonably-priced stock of Plaisirs. They also sell the hard-to-find Platinum cartridges and converters.


  1. It's also good to check out local craftspeople; I found gorgeous hand-turned wooden pens from a woodworker at a very reasonable price. My dad doesn't write (except letters) but who doesn't love to hold a well-made pen?

  2. I thoroughly enjoy reading books on writing written by writers (how's that for redundancy) and the Art of War For Writers is one of my favorites.


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