Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Disappointed Book

I'd like to see something like this done in secret with an actual reader and one or more of their books over the course of a year (warning, has some background music):

The Diary of a Disappointed Book from Studiocanoe on Vimeo.

My books live a much more privileged, pampered life. How about yours?


  1. I can't play videos without blowing up my laptop, but other than the book that got chewed on when the first child was teething, all books in this house have it made. And I still have that chewed-up copy of Goodnight Moon because it seems wrong to throw it away.

  2. Ahh that's such a sweet little video... Made me feel bad for the book!

    I let my friend borrow a book from me a while ago and he left it ona plane I wonder where it is now poor book...

  3. Awww that almost made me cry!!!! It's like the fairy tale of the tree that wanted to be a christmas tree...

    (hans christian andersen, I think?)

  4. At least it got read, if only once.

  5. awww, the ending was soooo sad.


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