Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor Day Ten

Ten Things About Writing Jobs & Sub Ops, a men’s lifestyle web site, is looking for reporters to hire and contribute to the site, and are okay with telecommuters. From the Craigslist ad: "Areas of interest include weird news, science, food, true crime, sex, politics, video games, entertainment and travel. We’re looking for writers who can report original stories and humorously analyze new trends -- everything from the latest wave of serial killer memorabilia sites to new concoctions that bring oversize donuts to amazing heights. We’re also looking for writers who can cover local stories in places such as Los Angeles, Florida, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, New Orleans and Austin. We want people who have a passion for breaking new stories, not just re-hashing stories they’ve read. If you’re willing to scour through records, pound the pavement, search for the unusual, channel the zeitgeist and come up with intriguing stories, we’re interested in hearing from you. Please send your resume, pitches and relevant clips or links to"

Fantasy e-zine is looking for "...stories that delight, entertain, and enrapture readers, stories ranging from delicious treats that melt on the tongue, leaving only a trace of sweetness, to the dark and poignant tale whose memory lingers with you for days, perhaps years. Fantasy Magazine is entertainment for the intelligent genre reader — send us stories of the fantastic that make us think, and tell us what it is to be human while amazing us with your mastery of language and story elements. From the very first issue, Fantasy has featured authors of significant literary reputation, such as Jeffrey Ford, Caitlin R. Kiernan, Stewart O’Nan, and Holly Phillips. Send us your best. While we run the gamut from light to dark, we don’t have as much of the former as we’d like, and are always looking for more." What they don't want" "... cookie-cutter fantasies or retellings of D&D campaigns. We do not want any “fan fiction” or story that depends on the use of media characters. While any sort of fantasy content is allowed, the execution must be superb. Some sexual content is acceptable, but the title Fantasy does not refer to sex fantasies. We are not an appropriate market for erotica." Length: 1-6K, payment is 5¢/word. Rights: "Exclusive first world electronic rights for 60 days from publication, and non-exclusive anthology rights" No simultaneous or multiple submissions, no reprints unless "they have appeared in very obscure markets" and "Please QUERY before sending one", electronic submissions only and submitter must use online submission form; see guidelines page for more details.

Mike Carey is having a writing competition for publication in Murky Depths issue #14. I've visited the web site but I can't find the sub info, so I'll copy what Ralan has on his market listing as to what they want: "sf/h (fic), Words: <5k. Fee: $0. Prize: pub in #14. Reprints: no. E-subs: ONLY." The competition opens 1 November 2009 (don't submit before that date) with a deadline of 30 April 2010. See web site or Ralan's market listing on the contest page at his site for more info.

Demand Studios is hiring "additional freelance writers to research assignments and write concise and informative articles around those topics. As one of the web’s leading writing communities, Demand Studios is responsible for publishing thousands of articles a day to a large network of premium media brands including, and This freelance writing position will enable you to work around your own schedule and write about the topics you are most passionate about. Join the vibrant community of writers and editors already working for Demand Studios and start receiving a weekly paycheck." Compensation is $15/20 per hour via PayPal; wants applicants with "Educational/Professional background in Journalism or related degree" and "Some writing experience and/or expertise in a specific topic category." See Craigslist ad for more details and a link to the online application form. is looking for a screenwriter to pitch them a low budget (1-5M) screenplay with "strong characters that have a different approach to a solution. This can be a tent pole drama, or a quirky indy drama but the point is for the character to go on a profound journey where they grow or change and we are with them every step of the way. Elements of comedy out of necessity for laughs in these dramatic elements are welcome." Screenplay examples of what they're looking for are Amelie, Milk, The Wrestler, and Juno. Screenplay "Must be finished and registered with the WGA or Library of Congress." They're taking pitches in person but also have an video pitch option for out-of-towers. See their Craigslist ad here for more details.

Racy Pages has an open call for their erotica anthology Surprise, to feature "Erotic Fiction, Rhyming Poetry, 100 Word Flashers." What they're looking for: "Stories in this anthology will capture the sensations of surprise—even if the surprise isn’t a good one. Your story should be crafted to arouse, yet contain layers beyond the sex scenes. Language should be explicit and the heat level the same as that found in other contemporary erotic anthologies. Stories that appeal to men and women in their 20s and 30s are preferred.
A variety of themes are welcome, including: urban life, the strange and weird, rural settings, ethnic characters, humor. In addition to short fiction, we are looking for rhyming poetry and one-hundred word flashers to include in the anthology. Stories will be previously unpublished and most will fall between 1000-5000 words. Payment is $100/story, $50/poem, and $10/flasher, plus two copies of the book." Electronic subs only, see guidelines page for more details. Deadline: December 1, 2009.

Shadowfire Press issued an update here on their current needs: "Closed to non-erotic genre submissions until the end of November 2009. Currently seeking erotic heterosexual romance submissions in all genres and have a need for stories from 5000 words to 75,000 words. We are also in need of heterosexual and lesbian Christmas/Yule stories in both contemporary and historic settings to round out our calendar for 2009. Note to prospective gay and m/m authors: We are not looking for gay stroke stories. Our readership is primarily comprised of 95% female readers, so stories that would fit gay stroke publications won't fit in with our publishing company."

Under the Moon, the fiction imprint of Final Sword Productions (RPG company) is looking for stories with appeal for gamers: "Alternative History, Historical, Fantasy, Science Fiction - either space opera, sci fi tech, or 'adventure', Urban Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Horror/Paranormal -Not blood and guts type of horror, please, Military- especially historical, science fiction, horror, and fantasy military stories, Cross Genre, or stories that don't fit a specific genre, would also be of potential interest to us, so don't be afraid to query. Currently "Specifically interested in "Sword and Sorcery- think Conan-style, Space Opera, Horror." Length: Shorts - 5-16K, novellas -16-45K, novel - 45-150K - preference for 120,000 or less. Payment: 35% on e-book, 8% on print; paid quarterly, within 60 days after the end of the quarter. Electronic subs only, query with a synopsis first (do not send any attachments or partials); also query on reprints. See guidelines page for more details.

Web Content Writer wanted by LA firm "to produce web content pages for our various web properties. The job will entail researching various topics and writing 500-1000 word informational articles. Experience with writing for the web, best practices in web formatting, search engine friendly web copy, and working with content management systems such as WordPress is a plus. We're looking for people who can produce thorough, well researched articles as fast a humanly possible. This job will start off with a introductory project at a rate of $15 per hour. If that first project goes well, it will likely lead to ongoing contract work. Please reply with a brief note about why you're qualified for this position along with 2 writing samples." See the Craiglist ad for more details.

YA Lit magazine is going into print and looking for some content: "We're offering $5 for short texts like poetry and flash fiction, $10 for the cover art, and $10 for longer fiction. Contributors will be able to purchase copies for a reduced price." Nice thing about this one is they're actively welcoming submissions from writers under age 18; don't often see an open call for youngsters. Electronic subs only, see guidelines page for more details.

Some of the above sub ops listings were found over at Ralan's place. Note -- September is fund-raising month at Ralan's, which otherwise runs on love, so if you use and like the site and have a couple of bucks to spare, please consider sending a donation.


  1. Ok, I have to giggle at Shadowfire Press not wanting m/m submissions because 95% of their readership is female. Um, they obviously don't realize what a large percentage m/m is purchased by straight females...

  2. Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for these, definitely interested in a couple.

    Great to see gay fiction mentioned.

  3. Shadowfire do publish m/m - what they say is that they don't want gay stroke books, which isn't the same thing as m/m

  4. Chris wrote: Um, they obviously don't realize what a large percentage m/m is purchased by straight females...

    I thought that was a bit odd myself, given the popularity of m/m stories on the romance e-market. But some publishers model themselves after print publishers, most of whom still cling to the narrow (and now invalid) hetero-only mentality.

  5. Erastes wrote: Shadowfire do publish m/m - what they say is that they don't want gay stroke books, which isn't the same thing as m/m

    Oh, okay. I got the wrong vibe from the wording. Thanks for the correction, E. :)

  6. I see they have some pretty strong comments, but most don't want to pay you anything.

  7. Writer Lady wrote: I see they have some pretty strong comments, but most don't want to pay you anything.

    Very few open call for submissions offer substantial payment, but these are the best of what I've gone through, so it could always be worse. $15/hr is actually pretty decent for freelancer web writers; I know some who have to do a lot more for a lot less.

  8. Thanks for the post--I've roused myself to send my snowcat story to Fantasy!


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