Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Art of Pens

Since I did Post-It notes art yesterday . . . .

According to The Top Ten Most Expensive Pens in the World, "The Limited Edition Mystery Masterpiece, a joint creation between Mont blanc and Van Cleef & Arpels, is the most expensive writing pen ever created." I don't think I'd spend $730,000 for something someone could swipe so easily, but when you look at it you have to wonder how it would feel to try to write with such a lumpy/bumpy object.

Much more affordable: a chandelier made of pens, and of course a matching floor lamp (they should hang these in restaurants where the waitress can never find a pen to hand over with the bill.)

DIYourselfers, check out how to make a sewing caddy made from old ballpoint pens, turn a pen into a PDA stylus, and make a sprinkler out of old pens and a bottle.

Would you cover a Mercedes with pens? The Amazing Pen Guy did.

I like this Christmas tree made from old pens; it looks like something easy that the kids could do.

If you'd like to transform your humble writing instrument into art, check out how to cover pens with polymer clay and make them into art objects.

Pencils may never get as much respect as pens, but Social Designer has put together a beautiful collection of colored pencils that is designed to imitate art.


  1. I like the idea of the Christmas tree from pens, the kids could make that. As for the $750K pen? I lose pens soo quickly I'd never forgive myself if I had that one.

  2. Write with it or play with it? Tough choices. Very creative use of writing instruments, here.

  3. I could never leave those beautiful colored pencils on display. The urge to draw something with them would be overwhelming.

  4. I would be too busy staring at it to use it. There goes my writing time.

  5. Those were some cool links. The pen chandelier and floor lamp are surprisingly beautiful.

  6. Great links! They were so much fun to look at. :-)


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