Saturday, September 26, 2009

Off to Negotiate

Sorry I'm a bit late posting today. I'm unplugging to consider a new offer that came in yesterday, and to put together some notes for contract negotiations next week. So far it looks good, and if all goes well I will be adding a new genre to the five over there on the sidebar and a new series to my repertoire. I can't share too many details until things are finalized, but this one will be a lot of fun, I promise.

A lot of you have e-mailed to let me know that Shadowlight is out in the stores and is being shipped to you by one of the online booksellers. I know this means the book is going out two weeks in advance of the laydown date. It's okay, this is not a problem for me. I rarely have books released on schedule, and I'd rather have it out early than shipped out late. A sale is a sale, whether it happens during release week or not, and I'm grateful for all of them. If you see the book at your favorite retailer and want to invest in it, go right ahead, and thank you.


  1. New series and genre! Exciting!

  2. What an intriguing surprise! Looking forward to more info as soon you can provide it.

  3. wait there are genres you haven't conquered yet?? good luck negotiating :)


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