Sunday, July 05, 2009

Off to Party

I hope you all are having a great weekend. So far I've had a blast, especially at the Independence Day parade in our town. One of our Congressman (the one I actually like) made an appearance, so I was able to wave and yell Happy 4th at him (although I probably should have yelled "Get back to Washington and do something about these taxes!")

There were plenty of politicians at the parade, but what I love seeing are the little kids -- to me they are the best part of America, our future:

Since my middle teen turns seventeen today, I'm going to bail on you guys again to spend time celebrating with the family. Enjoy the rest of your holidays, or your weekend, wherever you are.


  1. Anonymous7:08 AM

    How cool! My daughter is celebrating her 2nd birthday today. Hope you have a wonderful celebration!

  2. Happy birthday to your middle teen!
    Great photo.

  3. I hope your middle teen had a fabulous birthday.

    I spent much of the weekend reading "Stay the Night" and finished it late last night. Thank you so much for a great series!


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