Tuesday, July 07, 2009

LB&LI Details

In one week we'll kick off Left Behind & Loving It, my fourth annual week of virtual workshops here at PBW. For those of you who would like to join in, hold workshops on your blogs and have me link to them, please read this post for all the details.

Everyone is welcome to participate in LB&LI; there is no application process; you don't have to ask my permission or post on any specific topic. Be creative, share what you know and have fun. All I request of participants is that your workshop be writing- or publishing-related to keep it relevant to the event.

If you would like to have your LB&LI workshop listed here at PBW, send an e-mail to LynnViehl@aol.com with a subject line of LB&LI Info and the following info: your name/pseudonym/online handle, the name of your workshop(s), a link to where you will be posting the workshop(s), the date(s) the workshop(s) will be posted, and a brief description of your workshop topic(s).


Lynn Viehl
How to Post an LB&LI Workshop
July 7th
Details on how to participate in the 2009 Left Behind and Loving It virtual conference.

I will post your links daily here on PBW, and I will accept links to other LB&LI workshops at any time from now until midnight EST on July 19, 2009.

The schedule of my own workshops will be as follows:

Monday, July 13th: Conceptual Planning, Construction and Development -- an architectural approach to concept writing.

Tuesday, July 14th: Middlemarch -- plotting and writing the middle of the story.

Wednesday, July 15th: E-Future Part I -- first part of a two-day workshop on digital publishing.

Thursday, July 16st: E-Future Part II -- second part of a two-day workshop on digital publishing.

Friday, July 17th: Art vs. Life -- using your creative talents to find solutions to problems in your writing life and everyday life, especially when the two collide.

Saturday, July 18th: Diversify and Survive -- approaches and strategies to help strengthen your publishing career.

Sunday, July 19th: Agents and Writers -- the reality of literary representation, and how to deal with an agent after signing.

Monday, July 20th: Ask PBW Anything -- Open Q&A where you can grill me on anything writing- or biz-related.

Each day I will be holding a giveaway for my usual LB&LI goodie bags, filled with great books, cool gadgets, and neat writer junk. Along with these bags this year I'll also be giving away:

--A signed set of all seven the Darkyn novels, including an author-printed copy of my December novella e-book, Master of Shadows and an ARC of my first Kyndred novel, Shadowlight, which will not be released until October '09.

--A signed set of all eight StarDoc novels published to date (eight) plus the ninth, Crystal Healer, my August '09 release.

--A Mystery Art prize which may be a painting, quilt, or other artistic creation made by Yours Truly.

--A stack of my favorite how-to writing books, including an author-printed & signed copy of my own Way of the Cheetah

--A brand-new AlphaSmart Neo smart keyboard

--A BookWish (any book of the winner's choice which is available to order online, up to a max cost of $30.00 U.S.; I'll throw in the shipping)

--A MusicWish (any CD of the winner's choice which is available to order online, up to a max cost of $30.00 U.S.; I'll throw in the shipping)

--An ArtWish (a $50.00 U.S. gift certificate from Art.com)

Everyone who participates in the workshop by commenting will be entered into the drawing for that day's giveaway (if you don't want to be entered for the drawing, just note that in your comment.) All giveaways will have a 24-hour entry period, and comments will be closed when the next day's workshop is posted. All workshops will be posted at 12:00 AM EST on the date scheduled (unless there's a power failure or some other unforeseen computer problem, in which case, they'll be posted as soon as I can get back online.)

On Tuesday, July 21st, I will draw one name at random from everyone who participated by commenting at least once during the workshops, and grant the winner my LB&LI grand prize: your choice* of either a ASUS Eee PC 1005HA-P 10.1" Seashell Netbook or a Sony PRS-700BC Digital Reader.

As always, all of my giveaways during LB&LI are open to everyone on the planet**, even if you've won something here at PBW in the past.

*If you prefer another brand of Netbook or eReader I will be happy to substitute the brand/model of your choice as long as the purchase price is equal to or less than the purchase price for the models I've chosen for the grand prize.

**Those of you who are non-U.S. residents, please check into the customs regulations and restrictions regarding shipments of netbooks and eReaders to your country to see if there is any import or duty that you will have to pay for receiving it (wherever I send it, I will be insuring the shipment for my cost.) If you are my grand prize winner and would prefer a netbook or eReader from a vendor or manufacturer located in your country, I will be happy to substitute your preference as long as the purchase price is in U.S. dollars equal to or less than the purchase price for models I've chosen for the grand prize, and your overseas vendor accepts online orders from the U.S.


  1. Oh, Lynn, this is huge--Thank you for doing this!

  2. What a fantastic line-up of topics. I look forward to coming back each day.

    I absolutely love the idea of a virtual conference, by the way. Especially since I feel that spark of envy for all those traveling to workshops across the country right now. You’re offering the perfect solution – and I get to keep writing from the comfort of my home during the process. Very nice. Thanks for putting on a great ‘conference.’

    Lori A. May

  3. I can't wait for all of those--and the workshops hosted by others. I'm not going to miss the conference at all (much *g*).

  4. Anonymous7:27 AM

    Squeee for the topics and the prizes! You are so generous!

  5. This is FANTASTIC.

    I'm looking forward to all your workshops!

  6. I am so excited for this. I think it's going to be great fun and the chance to pick your brain at the end is the icing ;-)

    I wish I had something to offer, but the only thing I do well is the research. If I can avoid the rabbit trails I love so much.

    Can't wait!

  7. I won't be able to join in I am afraid.It is a good reason, I am flying to the UK to marry off my daughter.
    It sounds like a great idea!

  8. I can't wait for these workshops. You're giveaways...think that term is an understatement...are amazingly generous!

    Thank you.

  9. Wow, Lynn, this is amazingly generous. Thanks

  10. Wow, Lynn! Those prizes are all seriously sweet (love the seashell royal blue notebook) but I'm more looking forward to what you have to say. I know I could use those topics. :D

    (You are so incredibly generous.)

  11. Can we use books and such that have helped us ourselfs to pass on the information in these work shops we will be posting?

  12. Wow! You are so much better than RWA! Thank you so much for putting this together and for being so generous with your giveaways!

  13. Oh, I can't wait! This is fabulous! :)

  14. Laurel12:17 PM

    I am aspiring to have my stories and poems published someday. I recently signed up for Twitter (wikigirl1)and found out about your workshop there. I am really looking forward to it! I have not started blogging yet, but I signed up with Blogger just to follow your workshop.

  15. This is fab!!! I'm so looking forward to this Lynn!

  16. Lynn -- Thank you so much for this. Your generosity is above and beyond. My favorite part will be “picking your brain.” Nina

  17. Lynn, looks like you have another huge workshop week planned agin. Thank you so much for organising it again.

  18. Thanks so much for your wonderful blog and terrific workshop! You are an inspiration! I appreciate all the work you put into this blog to share with other writers (and aspiring writers).


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