Friday, July 03, 2009

Buyer be Aware

I noticed when I ran in Books-A-Million the other day that they're having one of their Buy 4 Get the 5th Free paperback promotions. There were plenty of vamp and paranormal books on that table at my BAM; I saw all three of Christina Dodd's Darkness Chosen novels and most of Anne Rice's vampire books. My fourth Darkyn novel, Night Lost, was part of the promotion, too.

B& has discounted minimum shipping for the holiday weekend; you can get free expedited (three biz days or less on in stock items) shipping for online orders of $10 (this is versus the usual $25.) This one is good through Sunday; see official details and the rest of the fine print here.

Anyone know of any bookseller discounts or freebies going on right now? Share the love in comments.


  1. The only one that I am aware of is the online B&N that you mentioned.

    I wanted to say that I recently discovered your blog and now I am obsessed and staying up late to read when I should be writing.

    Now I am compelled to wake up early on my holiday weekend and run to the nearest bookstore to purchase your books.

    This will seriously cut into my daydreaming time of being the next Laurel K. Hamilton.

  2. That would be such a surreal experience to me...seeing a novel I'd written on sale in a to Anne Rice. Can't have any better company.

  3. I'm not sure if this is only happening locally but the Hastings in my town is having a HUGE sale on trade paperbacks. I was in tonight and noticed a lot of them were vamp and paranormal themed going for around $3.99-$5.99 which is really good for brand new books. I don't really care for the trade size myself but you can't beat those prices. Even copies of Twilight were in the sale shelves!

  4. How wonderful it must be to see one of your books on offer like that.What an ego boost.

  5. Hi Lynn! The only other sale that I know of and it has been going on for quite some time is the Amazon sale. They have the buy 4 pay for 3 book sale. They have thousands of books that fall under this sale. Just go to books and pick the choice for 4 for 3 and you will find many many fun books to pass the summer away with. *G*



  6. Oooo, discount books! Thanks for the heads-up, Lynn.

  7. BN is also having a huge clearance sale--in store and online. I ordered some clearance books online and still got the free shipping!!!

  8. YAY for sales on books!

  9. Anonymous8:10 AM

    The Borders where I live in southern Maine has had book bins of $1-$5 books all summer. Also if you're a rewards member you get a lot of good coupons. I've been getting 40% off one book regularly, plus 20% my entire purchase on some rare occasions. If you live in Greater Portland check out Longfellow books and Books Etc. for a great selection of very cheap used books.

    Since I've been on bookmooch I only buy a book if it's something I've just got to have right now.


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