Monday, June 22, 2009

Entitled Ten

Ten Things to Help You with Titles

Enter a descriptive keyword from your story into the verse search engine at, which will find lines of poems that contain the word.

Use Wordtracker's online Keyword Suggestion Tool to view the top 100 ways your novel keywords are being used online.

Search quotations and proverbs for your novel keyword over at

Get five random title ideas over at Maygra's Random Title Generator.

Play with the online generators at Serendipity and Seventh Sanctum.

Enter a keyword from your novel into the search engine at and see what it symbolizes around the world.

Take a keyword and find a synonym and an antonym for it, and play with combinations of the two (ala Little Big Man, Beauty and the Beast, etc.)

If you're looking for inspiration, check out Sarah Stodola's article The Top Ten Novel Titles of All Time.

Use a novel keyword in the online search engine over at The Visual Thesaurus.

Play the online Word Association game.


  1. wow, this is great! I am so bad at titles. Nice to have a little inspirational help.

  2. Since I'm working on a new title for a project, this is so timely!

  3. I'm sure this would work for short stories, too. I have a beloved short story that seems to want to go back and forth between two titles, one literal and one poetic. I've actually sent it to different markets at different times under different titles. Did this ever happen to you?

  4. Anonymous6:23 AM

    What a handy group of links! Like so many others, I can boggle when it comes to a title. Either I know the title going into a project, or it bugs me the entire way through the project. My current WIP is without title, so I'm going to toy with some of your links now.

    Jessica Rosen


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