Friday, June 05, 2009


I am not really here; I'm actually lounging around recovering from some minor eye surgery. All went well, although I now know (at least, temporarily) what it's like to be one-eyed. Very weird. I expect tomorrow I'm going to wake up with a stupendous shiner. I was going to tell this risque joke about a one-eyed man and a parrot, but the language will kill my blog's G-rating, and then Disney will never buy the rights for a cartoon series.

I'm kidding. Seriously. I'm holding out for an HBO series.

Tami mentioned in comments yesterday that the cover model for Shadowlight looks like the same model on Gena Showalter's The Nymph King. I'm not sure; I was told that they didn't put the model's entire head on my cover because he was bald and had no eyebrows. Since my vision is at 50%, I'll let you guys tell me -- do you think it looks like the same dude?

And to complete this very lazy and discombobulated post, I've put an excerpt from the second Kyndred novel, tentatively titled Dreamveil over at the stories blog (it was that or pics of the eye, which I'm really trying not to inflict on anyone.)


  1. I would be a little easier to tell if yours had a head and hers wasn't underwater, but...the ab definition looks different and yours has more centered nipples while Gena's cover guy's nipples are about to flee off the sides of his pecs.

    My guess is no, but the funny thing is, there's a water shadow on Gena's guy that looks similar to the snake tattoo on yours.

    (word ver: imandict, which I read and thought "I'm an adict" (addict))

  2. Hard to say. The guy on your cover looks younger for some reason (maybe the hair).
    But similar mantitty. ;)

    Feel better, Lynn!

  3. Meleeta6:31 AM

    While they are both beefcakes, I don't think the jaw structure is the same.

  4. I hope your eye heals quickly.

  5. Okay, I'm supposed to look at the two covers to see if I think it's the same......hmmm, abs, chest, shoulders....what am looking for again?

    Feel better soon.

  6. Wishing you a quick recovery. *hugs*

    The abs aren't the same definition and their jawlines aren't the same. So no. LOL. But it does look similar. :)

  7. Can't tell, but I think my Dec. cover bears a distinct resemblance to Shadowlight! Must go compare. At least mine's got a different tat and looks like he needs a shave.

    Hope your recovery is speedy and you don't get a shiner. Off to read the excerpt!

  8. Keita Haruka8:56 AM

    Nope. Definitely not the same guy. Yours is a bit younger...and dare I say it...a bit hotter. His muscles are a bit more to my taste. :P

  9. Nah, I don't think they are the same. The color schemes are close but that's really the only similarity I see. The guys don't really even look that much alike, IMO. Musculature is different.

    Ick. Eye surgery. Sounds not fun.

  10. I recognize the guy on the Gena Showalter cover as Greg Plitt from the bowflex commercials but the center line of muscles for the model on your cover doesn't match up. Besides so much can be done with digital art tools that it could almost anyone.

  11. Nope, I have to agree re the abs being different. I don't think they're the same.

    I will say though, look at how many covers Rob Ashton did. And with thousands of covers out there, how could they possibly find one ripped guy for each cover?

    Quick recovery, Lynn.

  12. Hmm...are they the same guy? I think this requires a taste test.

    I hope you heal speedily and painlessly.


  13. Anonymous11:01 AM

    I don't think so either. I agree, your dude seems younger for some reason, and even with the difference in angle, I think the chin and jaws are very different.

    My word: powerag What the farmers need to do to catch up after the delayed planting season.

    Almost powerabs though...

  14. I'll join in with as a judge on the taste test!!!!
    Better safe than sorry right!

    Hope your eye heals quickly.

    Loved the sneak peak...I like Rowan, can't wait to get to know her better when Shadowlight is released.

  15. They might seem so similar becuase they were probably done by the same cover artist? As soon as I saw it the first time I was reminded of Gena's Lords of the Underworld series, the covers, at least. Only they had the butterfly tatoo thing going on.
    But you know what?? Who cares cuz all I want to do is (la la la la x-rated la la la la)and some whipped cream.

  16. I was just rereading yesterdays blog a little bit. The idea of putting a t-shirt sticker of the oh-so-hunky model kinda reminded me of the teacher at my school who would tape pieces of paper the half-naked native women in the National Geographic Magazines. All the boys became very good at carefully peeling the tape back to see at what they thought was so bad. It just leads to temptation!

  17. Finding out he is bald is super disappointing.

  18. Sigh. That's what is called a psych out. I saw the cover and thought, "It's out already???"

    I'm going with the ab definition difference pointing to a different model.

    Hope your black eye isn't too debilitating.


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