Saturday, June 20, 2009

Free Lara Adrian

No, she's not locked up or anything. At least I hope she isn't.

I'm posting this quick notice because her publisher, Random House, has put up Kiss of Midnight, the first novel in her Midnight Breed series, for free download in .pdf, Kindle and Sony formats. If you'd prefer to read it online, you can find it at Scribd here. *Note 9/3/10: Since instituted an access fee scam to charge people for downloading e-books, including those I have provided for free for the last ten years, I have removed my free library from their site, and no longer use or recommend using their service. My free reads may be read online or downloaded for free from Google Docs; go to my freebies and free reads page for the links. See my post about this scam here.

No registration or newsletter signup or jumping through hoops required at all, either; for once it's a complete freebie. I tested it myself and once you've downloaded it you can print it out, too. Very cool of her and Random House to do this.

Added: According to RH's Scribd page it's only available for a limited time, so if you want it, grab it now.


  1. Cynthia K. Dalton1:22 PM

    Thank-you. I love free books

  2. Woot. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Haha! I saw the title and wondered, "Who's Lara Adrian, and why is she locked up?"

    Thanks for the heads-up, though.

  4. Thanks for that, I will go and get it now!

  5. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Much appreciation! (AND a shrewd marketing move!!) The first free taste got me hooked - and ravenously bloodthirsty for more. Had to read ALL of the books in the Midnight Breed series, and did so with a few days' time...

  6. Hi, smiles. I read this book it was so good. She really is a good author. This is the second book I read from her and hope I will be able to read more.


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