Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Hear that sizzling sound? That's me, in writer hell (or, the train wreck of revised deadlines that happens when your publisher moves your release date up a month early on the schedule.) I'm trying not to wimp out and put the blog on hiatus, but posting here will likely be eh until I make it through all seven levels and deal with some other things like the end of school, Father's Day and prep for LB&LI. Thanks in advance for understanding, and I'll try to get something of interest up regularly so your trip here isn't wasted.

Such as: For those of you who'd like to add polls to your site or blog but don't know how:

I made and customized this poll widget over at Vizu, after registering for a free account and going through a couple of very simple steps. Extremely easy amd totally painless. If I can do it, a toddler can.

Added: I had to wait until some votes came in before I posted this part, but Vizu also gives you a map of who responds to your poll, where they live/work, and what their answers are -- in this case, red for Hell, yes, and green for Hell, no (click to see larger version of map):


  1. Anonymous6:35 AM

    Onother book please.

    marta from Spain.

  2. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Good luck with your deadline. At least they're anxious to get it in the bookstores :D


  3. Yes Yes PLEEEEASE.
    What happens with Luisa and John?

    Oh, BTW, Just to share, I let my mother borrow When Angels Burn (well talked her into reading it) because she was going to be bored to tears this Memorial day. She finished it in less than a day and is hooked. And it finally gave us something in common we can talk about.
    "The Darkyn series, bringing families together one estranged mother at a time." LOL

  4. Navigate those levels, and now I must try to do a poll. Or get my toddler to do it.

  5. Hang in there, Lynn. Take as much time as you need, and don't worry about scintillating posts for now.

    Now, as to another Darkyn novel... Get to work. I wanted it yesterday. ;o) I guess I'll just have to content myself with reading your StarDoc backlist. Just finished Beyond Varallan. You so rock.

  6. Have you ever considered guest bloggers? And really, the work comes first. :)

    (I know this interesting poem you could post, with this subtitle "What I've learned of writing." Oh what was its name? Summertime of the Soul? Something like that. ;))

  7. Another Darkyn book is a tough call. As a reader I want more, like ten of them, but as a writer, You need a vacation from them.

  8. I don't see a poll. I'm using Firefox; can anyone else with Firefox see the poll? (Unfortunately I can't test it with Internet Explorer, because Blogspot crashes IE on my computer for some reason...)

  9. Zoe - yes, I see the poll. I'm using Firefox on an iMac.

    Lynn - Waaaah! The southern part of the U.S. map was cut off, doesn't show my red pin!

  10. Oh yeessss, another Darkyn book please!! Best of luck with navigating hell...

  11. Hey, I can see my dot from here!


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