Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bits & Pieces

My publisher has changed the release date for Shadowlight; according to my latest info the novel will be hitting the shelves sometime in October 2009 instead of November 2009. I don't have an exact laydown date yet, but it's usually the first week of the month. Since booksellers routinely ignore my paydown dates, if that holds true then I imagine some of you will be able to pick up the book at stores in late September.

Some of you have noticed that the sidebar is changing; it's actually under reconstruction. Tom and I are weeding out dead links, adding some new ones, and otherwise tidying up. Once we've dusted the knicknacks we're going to try to condense it so that it's not a mile and a half long like it is now. Your patience while we tinker, as always, is much appreciated.

Rhiannon passed along a sub op as well as a bit of background experience earlier this week in comments, and I want to repost in case you all missed it:

I know you like to give heads up to writers on open markets. I thought I would share the newest call for submissions from The Library of the Living Dead. I had a short story in the latest anthology "Zombology" and really enjoyed working with Dr. Pus (Dr. Mike West in real life).

"I'm going to put out a horror anthology that will contain only female penned stories.

Any horror genre will be accepted. Word count max will be 7K. I'm hoping to make this a huge tome.

Only female authors will be accepted.

Send you submissions to .... ... and title the e-mail "Ladies".

Please send submisson in Rich Text Format.

You will be paid one cent per work word* and receive two copies of the book when it's published.

This is my way to thank you ladies for all of the cool stories I've received already from those of the "female persuasion."

Very nice -- thanks, Rhiannon.

*Added: corrected to clarify.


  1. Robin wrote: a penny per work? Does she mean word?Probably, Robin -- I'll check into it and see if I can confirm that.

  2. Anonymous10:41 AM

    So, if it is open to "only female penned stories" do I have to show up at their offices and prove I'm a girl? Would a DNA test be required?

    Sorry, but I'm not in favor of discrimination no mater which way it goes.


  3. Tee hee. I like that Fruedian slip where you say "paydown" date instead of "laydown" date.

  4. okay, way off topic but I thought of you when I read this.

  5. Kris_W,

    I don't think its discrimination to highlight female voices in the horror genre. A female writer actually suggested this to the publisher. The publisher's goal is to show everyone that the female voice can have a strong presence in horror.


  6. Anonymous1:22 PM

    So, I'm sure, Rhiannon, that you'd be perfectly okay with a publication that expressly excluded female voices?



  7. Rhiannon, thanks for the clarification. I'll ammend the post.

    Kate, whatever reminded you of me didn't come through as a link.

    Margaret, that was definitely a Freudian oops. I like it, too, so I think I'll leave it as is. :)

    Kris, I welcome your opinion, but your tone is coming across to me as angry, and I'd rather not have this turn into a flame war. So let's try to keep it polite -- if insults start flying, I will close comments.

  8. Anonymous6:57 PM

    It is an interesting point though, isn't it? I for one would be quite interesting in reading a horror anthology with a completely female author-base, would be quite interesting I feel (and I suspect many others will feel the same, there's definitely a market justification for such a title).

    I can't help but wonder though, what sort of response an announcement like this would gather if it were all male authors they were looking for.

  9. That is an interesting point though. Whilst I for one would be very interested to read a horror anthology composed entirely of female authors (and I suspect I'm not alone there, there's a definite market justification for such a title), I can't help but wonder what the response would be like should a publisher put forward a similar proposal stating they were looking only for male authors.

    I suspect the conversation that followed such an announcement may well be far less reasonable ;)

  10. Thanks again for posting this, Lynn. I think this is a great opportunity for a lot of new female authors. The publisher has noticed that his submissions from women have a unique take on horror that is very exciting. The first Library of the Living Dead Press/Library of Horror anthology was about zombies, a genre dominated by men (except for that fabulous novel "The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan and, of course, my trilogy) and he had some really great short stories be submitted by first time female authors. One of the authors asked if he would do an all female anthology and he loved the idea. And for any men out there, he has a lot of other anthologies in the works that are open to everyone. You can check out the forum postings here:

    Thanks again for helping to spread the word!

    --Rhiannon Frater

  11. Anonymous7:40 PM

    (PS. Sorry I posted my previous comment twice, and under too different identities by the look of it. I thought the first one lost, and misunderstood the interface on the second ;) )

  12. WOW! This is really exciting! I may throw my hat in the ring! Thanks!


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