Thursday, April 09, 2009

Sub Ops

Coscom Entertainment has an open call for a poetry anthology tentatively titled Poems of the Dead, looking for zombie poetry (now there's a theme you don't see everyday in verse) of any length, although 20+ lines are preferred. Rights: "First print and electronic rights to your poem and exclusive rights for 1-year after publication. After that you can resell it." Payment 1 cent per word plus contributor's copy; no reprints, electronic submissions only, reading period open now; deadline when filled, see guidelines for more info.

Damnation Books is "a new ebook publisher. We specialize in dark writing: horror, dark fantasy, thrillers, science fiction and erotica (within the genres of horror, dark fantasy, thrillers and science fiction). Being new, we are focusing on ebooks. We have plans to go into trade paperbacks with novel length and anthology works within a year." Looking for e-book shorts to novel length dark fiction, most genres. Payment: 5-10K 3¢/word; less than 10K 40% net. Length: 5-120K. Reprints okay, electronic submissions preferred, see site for more details.

Rogue Blades Entertainment has posted an open call for submissions for their Demons: A Clash of Steel Anthology. According to the site, "You are hereby cordially invited to submit your tales of demonic wickedness and diabolical wages! For this shall be an anthology devoted to the devilish fiends who seek to wreak havoc among mankind upon the mortal plane – and of the paladins and warriors who return the vanquished denizens of all the hells
to whence they’ve come!" Nice to see that kind of enthusiasm out there. Length: 2500-5000 words, Payment: "RBE is offering a flat $30 within 90 days of signing contracts, plus two complimentary copies (1 print/1 electronic) of the book at publication, the permanent right to purchase additional copies at the contributor price (RBE’s standard 42% off the cover price), and the opportunity to include half-page vertical ads for other works of the author for $5 each (a savings of $37)." Reprints okay, electronic submissions only, for more details visit the site; deadline June 15th, or when filled.

Oz gets a kick in the pants with the open submission call for Shadows of the Emerald City. According to the site, "What we want to see are horror stories based on the world of Oz. This includes the characters, the settings, the world itself. We're deconstructing an American institution, so we'd like to see what you can come up with. Blood and gore, or explicit sex? By all means. As long as it reads as part of the natural progression of the story and not some [bleep] up penthouse letter. Scare us. Disgust us. More than anything though, give us a reason to turn the page." Sounds like someone has Dorothy issues. Anyway, length is 10K or less, pays $20.00 plus copy, query on reprints, electronic submissions only, deadline July 31st.

Whortleberry Press has an open call for submissions for "A Halloween book! And, of course, our traditional Christmas anthology." According to writers guidelines for the Halloween book, length is approximately 2-4K, genre is "your choice of sf/f/h, mainstream, memoir, or whatever -- even detective/mystery! -- just as long as the story has something to do with Halloween" PG-rated, pays $10.00, reprints okay, electronic submissions only, deadline: June 15th. See guidelines page for more details (They also have details on the Christmas anthology listed but the reading period doesn't open until August 15th.)

All of the above ops were found over in the amazing market listings at Ralan's place.


  1. hummmm poetry about zombies ~ interesting.

  2. Thank you so much for these links. They led me somewhere I could actually submit without having to jump through Great Hoops of Fire. =)

  3. Michael McLarnon8:35 PM

    Thanks for the sub ops.

    I've just sent off three chapters of my supernatural adventure thriller "The Cruise" to damnation books.

    Fingers crossed! :D


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