Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fun X 3's online graphics generator, Apply Color Moods, takes the colors from the first image you select or upload and applies them in Andy Warholistic fashion to the second, which allows you to recolorize an image to have the colors of a peacock, a sunrise, or pretty much anything you like. It's great for graphics and designs, and although they say it's not for photographs I tried it and it worked on mine. This would be a neat tool to use to transfer colors from cover art to another/promotional graphic like a header or even an author photo.

If you're looking for some dark story title ideas or writing prompts, give's online Heavy Metal Album generator a test run. Some of the fictitious track titles are silly or funny and no doubt most are as offensive as legit heavy metal can be, but I saw a couple that gave me instant ideas, like Doubt Front and Pact of The Revenant.

My favorite online toy of 2008, Wordle, has been nominated for a 2009 Webby award, in the category Best Use of Typography. Now you all know how I feel about awards, but in this case Jonathan Feinberg, the creator of Wordle, actually deserves it. If you agree with me, I hope you'll take a minute to vote for him -- voting ends April 30th.

Added: my blog partner Sasha White is giving away a $15 B&N gift certificate over on the group blog, for a chance to win stop by and tell her about one of your fantasies.

(Thanks to Gerard over at The Generator Blog for the generator links above, which as usual I swiped from him.)

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  1. Wordles are fun. The heavy metal generator looks like a fun writing prompt, too! Thanks for the link.


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