Friday, April 17, 2009

Off to Synopsize

My editor is waiting on a synopsis, so I am taking off today to finish the final buff and polish.

Over at the group blog my post this week (scheduled to publish at 6 am EST) has figures and links to the first actual royalty statement for Twilight Fall. If you want to know how much $$$ you get for having a NYT bestseller, definitely check it out (and I promised you guys years ago that I would share the data, as soon as I had a top twenty bestseller and gathered all the figures, so I'm simply keeping my word.)

Some updates on our latest and newest backyard drama:

The baby wrens are doing fine. Mama wren stays with them all night and most of the day, so we try not to disturb her. When I saw her fly off this morning to get breakfast, I took this shot of the nest (a bit blurry, but I had to move fast -- click on image to see larger version):

This time I put my hand next to the pot, both to hold back the leaves and so you can see how tiny the babies are.

I then went over to take down the cabinet on the other side of the porch and clean it off, something I've been meaning to do sincer Martin and Teresa flew off with Shy Thing. Guess what:

I thought, oh, no, not this again. And sure enough, as soon as I stepped closer, the new occupant flew off, and revealed:

Which serves me right for leaving the blasted nest there, I suppose. So here we go again, take two.

See you all tomorrow.


  1. Yup. The word is out. You are officially a hotel for the birdies. LOL. I actually am enjoying your pictures. Love the little babies. Usually, I get to watch our cardinals grow. They started three years ago in the pine tree next to the driveway. Now there are three pairs.

    I love to watch the fledglings on their first flight.


  2. It's an avian conspiracy! Good luck with the synopsis.

  3. That's so wonderful, our birds don't nest close enough for us to see them. Of course, we've got hawks and coyotes galore so that might explain why they tend to nest fairly high up.

  4. As long as she's successful at raising babies there, she's going to return. You're the new dove maternity ward. =o)

    Good luck with the synopsis. I dread those darn things. :shudder:

  5. This makes me feel better. Yesterday, our dog discovered a nest of baby bunnies before I realized what she was up to. I was devastated that they were lost, although in my dog's defense, the momma bunny had picked a very bad spot to make her nest - right near the area our dog uses for potty needs. If we'd known the nest was there, we would have gone to great lengths to protect it from the dog. I'm still so sad about it!

    But this cheers me a little, so thanks for sharing.

  6. bunnies. I'm so sorry. :hug: But, mom will return, (hopefully, not quite as close to the 'outhouse') and she'll have more.

    As to the bird maternity ward, you are obviously a great nurse and they want the best of care so...

  7. Hey, the mourning dove likes that spot. She'll keep coming back.

    Sad to hear about the bunnies though. We have wild bunnies living in our apartment complex and I give little squeals of delight whenever I see them.

    Thanks for posting that royalty statement! Fascinating to see how it all breaks down.

  8. I have that exact bird pictured in my ivy outside. Anybody know what kind of bird that is. It's been there for 2 weeks now. I'll give it another week to hatch the egg (s). Her mate comes to visit for a few minutes sometimes too.


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