Sunday, February 01, 2009

Job Search Ten

Ten Things to Help Find Writing Jobs

Absolute Write offers a free e-zine that "...brings writers' guidelines, jobs for writers, calls for submissions, and writing contest listings straight to your inbox twice a month. And you get a free e-book filled with paying markets for writers just for joining us!" (AW also maintains a Writers Wanted discussion board/forum here with paying job listings.)

All Freelance Writing, Jennifer Mattern's blog, lives up to its name, as it is devoted to all things freelance writing. Jennifer keeps a section of freelance job listings that she updates regularly, and each job listed has a click-through link to the original posting.

The American Society of Business Publication Editors has a job connections link on their left sidebar that takes you to their job bank of classified for editorial positions.

Find your geographical region over at Craigslist and check out the writing/editing category under jobs (with Craigslist I've found some great markets for writers who actually landed jobs, and also some bogus ads that were vanity publisher hooks. Be sure to check out any employer offering a job listing thoroughly before you commit to working with them.)

Freelance Writing Jobs has web and print job listings and click-through links to writing job ads posted daily. is a job classified search engine; use this to find listings for the specific type of writing job you'd like to find. Here's an example of a writing/teaching job listing it brought up when I gave it a test run.

You have to register to get a look at Mediabistro's job listings, but registration is free.

While some freelance writer job sites charge for the privilege of accessing their writing classifieds, Online Writing Jobs doesn't. Like Jennifer Mattern's site, they also feature a click-through link for each job listing that takes you to the original source, so you can check out what the employer actually posted.

Poe War also has a writer job web search engine; it returned mostly technical writer jobs to my first query, but my second returned some interesting job listings (including this one from Random House.)

If you write SF, fantasy, humor, horror or something in the darker realms of any story length, you definitely need to make regular visits to the market listings at Ralan's SpecFic and Humor Webstravanganza (this is a labor of love site, utterly wonderful, and the only writer jobs site that I've ever donated money to. Frankly someone should give this guy a medal.)


  1. STC also has a very good job listing section on their website, but you have to be a member. (Society of Technical Communicators)

  2. I've found that lots of writing jobs don't need to be anywhere close to your home - from my desk here in San Antonio, I write for clients all over the country, and around the world (my record in geographic distance so far is Bahrain).

    And, here's a link y'all might find helpful: Craig's Helper lets you surf by job description, you don't need to choose a particular city. (I just search for "writer" in "jobs" - easy.)

    In other words, this site allows you to surf all the Craig's List writing jobs, regardless of geographic location. Cities come to you in batches of 10 and each batch is a little farther out.

    Here's the link:

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  4. Great sources thanks for the post.



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