Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sub Ops

Wolfsinger Publications has an open call for submissions for All About Eve,an anthology to retell the story of the first woman created by the gods: "Be imaginative and draw on more than just the traditional Christian and Greek stories. Let her tell her side of the story - whether she was manipulated and tricked into her actions or whether she acted willfully and in full knowledge of what her actions might bring. Or maybe - just maybe she acted out of spite for some wrong done to her. Tell us her side of things - make the reader look at the old myths and stories in a new light and also at the differences in the genders in a new way. BTW: Don’t forget about Lilith either - in some stories she was Adam’s first wife, before Eve." Preferred genre is fantasy but will consider others; no erotica. Pays: $5.00 plus equal share of 50% of royalties. Length: 3-5K. Query on reprints, electronic subs only, deadline August 31, 2009.

Chimercana Books has an open call for submissions for Chimeraworld #6, an anthology for "...stories depicting THE WORLD AFTER THE COMING REVOLUTION, as mankind returns to a life stripped of Capitalism and Mass Media Propaganda. Is this a worse or a better world, without the Google-fuelled glare of the bankers dictating every move you make? I want insane stories about a travelling life, a journey through real freedom. I want uncensored stories about chaos, uncertainty and anarchy. I want enlightening stories about how the world deals with no money, no banks and no business loans." (Before you submit definitely read all the editor's notes on the guidelines page.) Pays £10.00 UK (approx $20.00 U.S.) Length: 2-4K only. No reprints, electronic subs only, deadline when filled.

Hadley Rille Books has a open call for submissions for Destination: Future, a SF anthology to be edited by Z.S. Adani and Eric T. Reynolds. Wants SF stories, particularly hard SF, alien worlds, space operas, alien encounters, quests and exploration (not interested in fantasy, AH, horror or steampunk for this antho.) Pays 3 cents per word plus shared royalties. Length: 3-6K. No reprints, electronic subs only, opens March 1, 2009 (do not submit before that date.)

Ink Oink Art Inc. (say that six times really fast, I dare you) has an open call for submissions for Escape Clause their first annual antho of spec fic. Wants: short fiction (2-5K) and poems up to 50 lines max. Pays: $200 CA for stories and $50 CA for poems. Would like to see: "...character-driven pieces; for whimsical, absurdist, elegant, horrific, heart-felt, energetic, sad, scary pieces; for hard sf, sf with a bit of give in it, fantasy, and everything in between. Pick one or all of the above. If you have put your heart into it, we want to see it. Just respect the word limits." No reprints, electronic subs only, deadline: March 15, 2009.

Circlet Press has an open call for submissions for Like a Sacred Desire, an e-anthology of "sex magick: stories: "We are seeking stories that think outside the box of physical gratification as a means of manifestation. Think words of power, abstinence as a means of building up energy, invoking Gods and Goddesses often thought of as dark such as Baphomet, Kali or Lilith. Themes can include destruction and rebirth, healing the self, binding of a slave to a Master, pasts remembered and futures conceived. Surprise us. Turn us on and intoxicate us." Pays $25 (+$25 if it goes to print.) Length: 4-7K (not firm). No reprints, electronic submissions only, reading period opens March 1, 2009 (do not submit before that date), deadline April 1, 2009.

Circlet Press also has an open call for submissions for Like Clockwork, a steampunk erotica e-anthology. "We’re making a sequel to Like a Wisp of Steam, Circlet’s landmark steampunk erotica anthology. We liked what we received for that collection so much, we want to see more! Here’s your chance to explore the world of corsets and goggles, airships and weird science, all with a sexy twist." (If you want to see what they printed in Like a Wisp of Steam, it's available to purchase and download.) Pays $25. Length 4-7K. No reprints, electronic submissions only, reading period opens March 1, 2009 (do not submit before that date), deadline April 1, 2009.

NVH Publishing, "Publishing New Voices In Horror, Dark fiction, & Fantasy" is looking for horror, dark fiction and fantasy novels (SF with horror elements okay.) Pays 60% net for first six months, then 100%. Length: 40-100k. No reprints, electronic subs only. See submission guidelines for more details.

Shadowfire Press wants novels for e-book publication, all genres or romance (prefers erotic) also publishes SF, fantasy, horror and mystery. Pays: 40% net. Length: varies. Query on reprints, electronic submissions only, see submissions guidelines for more details.

Sonar4Publications is looking for SF and horror novels, novellas and single-author anthos. Payment: no advance, 60% of net. Length: varies. Rights note: after sale, this publisher will own the electronic rights as well as have deciding control over the print rights, so be sure you want to give that up before you sub. Reprints okay, electronic subs only, see submission guidelines for more details.

The New Bedlam Project specfic webzine is looking for fiction and poetry in most genres. Pays 1 cent per word to a max of $20. Length: 75-6k for fiction, and poems up to 40 lines. No reprints, Electronic subs only. See submission guidelines for more details.

All of the above sub ops were found over while cruising through the many wonderful market listings at Ralan's Place.

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  1. Thanks for those. I have just written a short story which may fit some of those categories. Just submitted it though for an on-line journal. Testing the water I guess for my writing style. Will see what comes of that. If nothing will try one of your suggestions.
    Friend of my brother just self published may look at that. Although going with your previous post not the most recession friendly way to publish. You may like her book. Can send you her website details if you are intersted.


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