Monday, January 12, 2009

Next Blog Ten

Ten* Interesting People I Met While Clicking on Next Blog

Mixed Media Artist Penny: A Penny for Your Thoughts

Artist Frank Gerlitzki: Frank's Arts and More

South Dakota horse lover: Horses etc...

Deborah Bornsztein, who blogs about interior design, home decor, and accessories for the urban dog lover: House & Hound

(I love this one) Stay-at-home mom and her family, who are committed to not buy anything new (as in things from a retail store) for one full year: Less is More!

Designer/Illustrator Lis Timpone: Lis Timpone

Jodi, a young mother in Maine on a quest for simple living: Living the Road Less Travelled

Ralph, a clinical psychologist, author, Dad, photographer, jack Mormon and a lot more: Rotarians, Jesus and Talking Plants

Chadwick, Ben, Ryan, Tyler and Alyssa, a group of students participating in 2009 Lexus Eco Challenge: The Anti Pollution Revolution

Geographically-inspired artist Thorngren: Thorngren

*Okay, technically fourteen or eighteen people, depending on how you count them, but ten blogs.

What interesting people have you met out there completely by random chance? Let us know (and give us links) in comments.

(This list is all Eugenia's fault, too, since she made me wonder what would happen if I clicked on that Next Blog thing.)


  1. Simon Haynes left a comment on a blog (it might have been this one). I followed it to his website, and then to his group blog, (SF Novelists) and then found a really cool guy on the group, Jim C. Hines. Turns out I adore Jim's books because they are funny.

    So, one interesting comment by Simon lead me to one of my new favorite authors.

  2. I stumbled across Elizabeth Bear's blog and Jim Van Pelt's blog by following links from people's friend lists on Live Journal. I've heard of both of them, but Bear's username is matociquala (sp?) so it's not like I knew who I was stumbling upon. I've added both to my feed reader, even though I've never read books by either. (I've read short stories by Bear, and I think I may have read one or more short stories by Van Pelt.)

    miscu: A self-referential error, such as "missspelling."

  3. Ooh, I forgot the linkies, but I can't access LJ from work. I'll follow up with those later.

  4. I didn't realize you were a reader (you've been silent!). I'm glad you enjoy my blog. :-)

  5. You know, it's your fault, Lynn, that I discovered blogging in the first place. I did a search one day, to see if you had a website. The link brought me here and I was hooked. The next day I saw the Next Blog link at the top and I spent hours clicking me way through. Then I thought, well why don't I give it a try, and spent many more hours playing with my blog until I got it just right. So it's your fault that my husband thinks I'm nuts. LOL
    Oh, well, he had to figure that out at some point in our marriage.

  6. Wow, What a nice compliment. I am with Jodi( you've been silent!)
    Thanks again. You made my day.

  7. I forgot to put in my faves...oops

    and yes, even a ufo site...mainly because he used to know my uncle a long time ago...

  8. OMG, I totally forgot about this one. I found it on some lamest blog list but thought it was anything but lame.

    It has quite a back story so it's best to start at the beginning, of course. It's just a lot of fun. I mean it's got Squirrel Monkeys,, meth ninjas, donuts and a truck named Betty Mable Lou. What's not to love.

  9. yer lucky
    if I hit on that little "next blog" thingie I almost never get English blogs...

    I seem to be stuck in an eternal spanish speaking loop! the years that I have been blogging I've met Mia who writes on dairyland...about her on going quest for true love in the City of Angels

    and Crystal...who lost her mind and got it staggering step at a time...


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