Friday, January 23, 2009

Forgot to Mention

I'm double-blogging today; my debut post is up over at Genreality.


  1. Erm, Sheila, he won't try to stab himself through the armour.

    I know it takes a bit to get used to writing characters who wear armour and carry weapons all the time. By now it comes naturally to me to mention these things as part of daily life, but I'm more or less living with my Romans. *grin*

    But I'd probably manage to get a vampire out into the sunshine and then wonder why he melts. ;)

  2. Gabriele wrote: Erm, Sheila, he won't try to stab himself through the armour.

    Lol. In this scene he's not wearing his chest armor; he lost his cuirass during the battle before the blizzard.

  3. Lol, what sort of knight is that? He loses his horse, his cuirass, his sword and daggers, and probably also his way in the blizzard.

    I hope you didn't give him the task to save a princess; he's likely to lose her, too. *grin*

  4. Gabriele wrote: Lol, what sort of knight is that?

    The kind who got picked over pretty well by the post-battle scavengers. But in their defense, they thought he was dead. ;)

  5. His luck, I' say. Any post battle scavenger worth the name would just kill anything that still moves. ;)

    But I want to read that book. Like, now. :) When will it be out?

  6. That Shadowlight scene argument between you and a story character at Genreality is great. If there's comparable humor in the final version, it will fly off the booksellers shelves.


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