Thursday, January 29, 2009

2 Word Stones

Hanging from the rearview mirror in my car is a small green velvet and beadwork bag that contains two carved and polished stones, some pretty crystals and dried white sage:*

The carved stones are mine, and each have a word etched into them. Like the Courage stone I carry in my purse or my pocket, I've been keeping these stones in the car because they comfort me as much as my friend's gift. If I buy it in a car crash, I hope I'll be found with these two stones near me. I'd like them to be my final words to the world (and no, they don't start with F and Y. I keep those stones under my pillow.)

Today I'm giving you two virtual stones, upon which you must etch two words. They can be words that have some personal significance for you, words you like, or your last words to the world. If you'd like to share what they are, post them in comments.

*A friend of mine gave me the bag and the crystals a few years ago, and she said she put the white sage in for cleansing or detoxing or something like that. I just think it smells nice, and if anyone tries to carjack me, I intend to whack them in the head with it.


  1. Anonymous6:40 AM

    "Laughter" and "Courage"...

    (And just as I write this my computer sings "Harmony and Understanding..." from "Aquarius". How's that for a coincidence?)

  2. If the two stones were going to be my last words I think I'd choose "Now" for one and "What" for the other, not to be flippant but just because I've always wondered what happens when we die.

    As far as two words with personal significance--"Give" and "Accept."

  3. Anonymous9:24 AM

    My first thought was to say "focus" for one, but I quickly decided "patience" and "humor" outweigh most others. :)
    But, I should also keep my eye out for a "focus" stone.

  4. My words would be:




  5. Mine would be Sidhu and Jazzy, the names of my husband and daughter. They are my world and I would want them to know I was thinking of them.

  6. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Hope. Faith.

  7. Anonymous10:28 AM

    love and y'all would be my words

  8. Anonymous11:25 AM

    My 2 words- Balance and Equality.

  9. "Patience" and "Hope" for me. Both encourage during difficult times, reminds me that what looks bleak today, might be not so bad after a while.

  10. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Kindness and Joy

    Things the world needs more of.

  11. Persistence and Write - need a boot up the backside sometimes.

  12. I think "Live" and "Love" should cover it.

  13. Passion and Play

    Those would be mine.

  14. Enjoy Life

    or two separate words with meaning

    Courage, Honesty

  15. Courage and Determination

  16. Courage and Faith (serious answer)

    or perhaps

    Coffee and Chocolate :)

  17. I already have word stones of my own: "Passion" and "Create."

  18. Anonymous1:43 AM

    My two words would be "Joy" and "Why".

    Joy is the window I peer through to watch the world. Lots of things bring me joy - breathing air, listening to people being people-ish, looking at the pretty colors caught in smog filled clouds or in oil spread out over a puddle – all or those and everything else can be sources of joy if I allow myself to be open for it.
    And if the day isn't going all that well, "Yoj!" makes a good swear word, and it confuses exactly the sorts of people I like to confuse.

    "Why" is my favorite question. If Joy is the window then Why is the door. It's the gateway to all exploration. There is no question in the world that can't be reduced to Why.

    - Kris_W

  19. My last words to the world if I'd somehow managed to die right this moment?
    Sue someone.

    Jokes aside I'd choose "Live" and "Today".


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