Saturday, January 10, 2009

Kyn Poll 2009

I'm planning out my 2009 work schedule, and it looks like I can write at least one, possibly two Darkyn e-books to post on Scribd before the end of the year. These will be just like the other Darkyn free e-books I've published myself; they'll be available to readers all over the globe for reading online, downloading, printing and educational/non-profit distribution. *Note 9/3/10: Since instituted an access fee scam to charge people for downloading e-books, including those I have provided for free for the last ten years, I have removed my free library from their site, and no longer use or recommend using their service. My free reads may be read online or downloaded for free from Google Docs; go to my freebies and free reads page for the links. See my post about this scam here.

Last year you all were kind enough to vote for which characters you wanted to see in my 2008 free e-book, which ended up being Lucan, Sam and Jamys. As before I'd like to write new stories about existing characters and story lines, but now that the series is concluded I thought you all might want to see a new set of characters ala the Juliana trilogy.

So two questions for you this year: would you like to see some existing characters from the Darkyn series in the 2009 e-book, or do you want some brand-new characters this time? If you choose existing characters, who are you interested in reading about this time? (I'm going to rule out Lucan, Sam and Jamys in advance, as they had their turn in Incarnatio last year.)

Warnings and Disclaimers: If you have not yet read Stay the Night, the final book in the series, you may not want to read the other comments to this post because there are bound to be spoilers mentioned. Please remember that Alex and Michael's storyline is now finished and I think after seven books they really deserve a long vacation. I also reserve the right to veto any suggestion because I'm the author, I have a few other things planned for the Darkyn, and that's all I'm going to tell you.

Let me know what you think in comments, and thanks for helping me out with this.


  1. I would love to see new characters. That way, if you've never read the Darkyn, you'll be introduced to the series and be able to come into it without any spoilers.

    While I'm sure you could easily create works without spoilers, that would be a large headache.

    I can't wait to see more. :)

  2. Richard and Eliane.
    Please, please, please, Richard and Eliane.
    Ever since Eliane wept in Dark Need, I've wanted them to be resolved.

  3. Anonymous9:51 AM

    I'd like new characters, too. Or Nick and Gabriel, though I know they're kinda resolved and off in don't-bother-me world. I liked his l'il appearance in Incarnatio, though, thanks! ^_^

  4. I'm just not ready to let go of the Darkyn yet!

    You had mentioned that Marcella Evareaux had a heck of a backstory. Would love to read it.
    Second choice would be Korvel.

  5. I second Richard and his tressora, and would like to see Korvel have his own as well.
    Wow! I didn't know you took requests, lol.

  6. Don't have StN yet because stores are thwarting me, but my vote:
    A. What happend to Kyan/Melanie after Twilight Fall
    B. New characters

  7. Dawn wrote: While I'm sure you could easily create works without spoilers, that would be a large headache.

    The larger headache is to write a continuation story that will also make sense readers who haven't followed the print series. But working on the previous e-books has given me a bit of practice. :)

  8. I would like to see some new characters please ^_^

  9. lxz wrote: Ever since Eliane wept in Dark Need, I've wanted them to be resolved.

    To be honest, I had to wait until I wrote Night Lost before I could put Richard and Eliane in a position for their storyline to be resolved, and then I debated whether readers would really want to know how I think their situation will be resolved. I'm still ambivalent about Richard as a protagonist -- he's more antagonist material -- but if the interest is there, I could make a go of it.

  10. Jess wrote: Or Nick and Gabriel, though I know they're kinda resolved and off in don't-bother-me world.

    One good thing about Nick and Gabriel is that they'll never really be resolved in the classic HEA sense. I think they're both too damaged (and I tried to show readers a little of that in STN.) But Nick has a bit further to go in dealing with what's happened to her and Gabriel, and that can be developed. I also suggested something in STN about Richard's plans for Gabriel that could create new and immediate conflicts that would test both of them. Which is a very long way saying, yes, I could swing that, too.

  11. Lainey wrote: I'm just not ready to let go of the Darkyn yet!

    Hang on. :) One good part about being finished with the print series is now I can do what I want instead of trying to get an editor to approve it, which gives me a lot more creative room.

    You had mentioned that Marcella Evareaux had a heck of a backstory. Would love to read it.
    Second choice would be Korvel.

    Marcella has a pretty amazing backstory, but I might save her for a project I'm pretty sure NY is going to drop on my head without little or no warning this year. Korvel, poor guy -- he's been getting reader sympathy mail ever since Jayr's book came out. He's a good prospect, too.

  12. Eugenia wrote: I didn't know you took requests, lol.

    It's a modified version of what I used to do on my old, old web site. I'd post stories and ask the readers to let me know what they thought of them, if they'd like to read a novel-length story about the characters, etc. Getting reader feedback on what they like best really helped create the Darkyn series, because if people hadn't kept writing to me and asking for more of the short stories, I doubt I would pitch the novel series a second time.

    Plus I'm doing this for fun, and it should be fun for the readers, too.

  13. Charlene wrote: A. What happend to Kyan/Melanie after Twilight Fall
    B. New characters

    On Kyan and Melanie -- I continued their storyline quite a bit in the TF, but I went way over my wordcount limit and had to trim it down to get the novel in at the required length. So I already have about 20K about them sitting in the idea file; it wouldn't take much to develop that into a cohesive novella.

  14. Anonymous5:04 PM

    I would love to know what happens to:
    1. Korvel
    2. John Keller
    3. Kyan

  15. Anonymous7:39 PM

    Marcella would be choice #1, but if she's off the about her brother? Does Armand ever find happiness with his girlfriend, or does her Daddy get him with something heavier-duty than buckshot? There must have been something between them if he kept going back despite the pellets!

    If not Armand, it's a new year, new series time, so I'd vote for a new set of characters.

  16. I agree with the answer "Marcella".

    Having read "Stay the Night", I'm also hoping the next series will deal with John Keller a little more, since he's really unresolved. If it does or will not, I'd like a little more John. And not just because he is/was clergy.

  17. By the way, I bought "Stay the Night" at an airport bookstore. I tried at a regular bookstore, but they didn't have it unboxed yet and couldn't find it when asked for it specifically. I won't be bothering them with my business all that much anymore. Not that I can make it to JFK airport that often, but I'll drive an extra 70 miles to go to Baton Rouge.

  18. Anonymous8:45 PM

    I also support the Richard/Elianne follow-up. I totally agree that his is more of an antagonist and my sympathies were hrmm muted for Elianne initially. However, I would really like to see how it works out and for reactions all around.

    While I would also like a Nicola/Gabriel story, I have to say my curiosity was roused about Darkyn in other areas of the world, especially as introduced in Stay the Night (fabulous , fabulous).


  19. Korvel, most definitely, finding a Kyndred of his own. (that would cover the old characters plus new ones, all rolled into one, I suppose :D)

  20. I'd love to see "Richard/Elianne" as well, if you were curious about interest. I've always wondered LOL. I completely agree with Richard being more antagonistic, but she fascinated me...

  21. New characters would be my first inclination and now reading through the comments more about Richard as a close runner up.

    I saw Stay the Night in store today and the cover is more of a muted pink than I anticipated and really not bad at all. I faced it out. ;-)

    My own copy should be here tomorrow from my on-line order.

  22. First I must say that my eyes have never hurt so much. Ever since I came across the first Darkyn book by accident, and what a happy one that was, I just had to buy the remaining books and read them all straight through. Needless to say my husband was none to pleased but, "Wha Ehva".

    I think it would be nice to read about Philipe and his new love interest. The sad fact that they live a world apart would make me wonder, "can long distance relationships truly last?" Plus never mind that I think they would be incredibly hot together.

  23. Another vote for Korvel.

    Or some of the other seigneurs that were just briefly mentioned. Gilanden sounded interesting to me...

  24. Warning, possibly spoilerish if you haven't read the series

    Lynn Viehl said,

    I'm still ambivalent about Richard as a protagonist -- he's more antagonist material

    Well, Lucan started out as a quite severely antagonistic character and then somehow you managed to turn him into a highly sympathetic protagonist.

    Eliane is also quite antagonist material, like Richard, she's not a very sympathetic character, so it's conceivable that she and Richard could be mutually resolved and yet remain together in a relatively antagonistic position to the other Kyn. Rather like Lucan vs. Michael.

    I find it intriguing that in the first book Eliane starts out being not very likeable, but when we reach Dark Need and Night Lost, she's somehow twisted into a sympathetic character. As Alex (who has little reason to sympathise) put it, Poor Blondie, in love with a two-timing monster. It's somewhat like the transformation you did with Lucan. They're really not black and white characters.

    BTW, I'm sorry if this is going into more detail and speculation than you would like about your characters and stories. I couldn't help thinking about it.

  25. Anonymous12:14 PM

    I would love a story about Korvel! He's such an interesting and sympathetic character. ~JK

  26. Anonymous5:29 PM

    I'd love new characters! I guess since it's all 'over' it'd be nice to kind of.. continue forward with new ones as if it weren't? Does that even make sense? bah. I just want more Darkyn if you please. :)

  27. ** spoiler alert = stay the night**
    I'm a little late to the party, but I just have to say I'm going crazy wondering about what's going on with John Keller. So I vote for his story and HEA.

  28. I have always wanted to know more about Richard and Eliane. But I'm up for any of the suggestions which all sound very interesting to me!

  29. Anonymous10:13 AM

    I would like to see a wrap-up of John or Lucia's storyline.

    While I understand that you don't want to keep hammering out books til infinity, there's some big hints on the D v B war given in StN, and made me extra-sad it wasn't continuing... at least in printed form.

  30. Anonymous12:33 PM

    I would love to see more Nick and Gabriel. Too see where they are headed. But a close second for me would be Eliane and Richard.

  31. Anonymous3:45 PM

    i love the series and i am all for new characters mixing with old characters ... but there are a lot of non-closure for some characters ... my vote is toward

    1. john keller ... my curiousity is on high level and what his sister is going to think and react

    2. Richard and Eliane ... so much untold history and hopefully a HEA for both of them together or seperate with other Kyn

    3. Korvel .. maybe i missed it but i never really understood why richard told him to bond with Alex, is there going to be some love triangle or will he find someone else, like a new kynard. or will he try and fight Michael for the right to alex

    4. Philip ... it must be hard trying to please your master about claiming is mate even though he likes a another and not just a women and man ... he deserves to be happy and serve michael

    5. Brethan vs Darkyn war ... it can not possibly end just like that ... i personally dont want you to start new cahracters who don't know anything about the war going on without mixing some of the old ones into the story line, in StN, they were talking about befriending and helping out the kynard ... i would love to see how they try and find them with Nick and Gabe and all the other lords.

    I know long and more then you wanted to read ... but i am sad that you would call the series ended .. i would more like it to be a shift in tales and characters


  32. Phillip would be fantastic to explore.

  33. I'd like to know more about John Keller & Luisa.

    Marcella's history, and more about Phillippe.

    Guy and Marian! Whats with the coffin full of rocks? That's going to bother me for awhile.

    Richard & Eliane and Kyan & Melanie - a complete story with HEA isn't really necessary, but finding out how they are progressing would be fabulous. As said above, new characters mixing with old characters .

  34. Anonymous10:23 PM

    PLEASE please please let's see more of Phillipe and Shalan. Phillipe has been so patient I think he deserves it :)

  35. Anonymous7:35 AM

    I would love to see more of Richard and √Čliane. I think their story could be very interesting, because neither of them are your typical hero/heroine. So the two of them together should be fun.

  36. I was holding off on my comment because I couldn't make up my mind, but I'll second some of the others who were on my list :).

    Phillipe because he deserves it

    Korvel because I need to know how that resolves...haven't read Stay the Night yet. Colin's done, but I'm in the middle of another book and I don't want to be distracted so if it does...

    John. I know he's not Darkyn, but he's been the toy of all sides at one time or another. He deserves a solid resolution.

    And while part of me says Richard and Elaine are too far gone, they're still fascinating. My thoughts go two ways...either what happens next with Richard's disease cause resolved or their backstory. What brought them together and started them on this path?

    Anyway, those are my thoughts :).

  37. Haven't read Stay the Night yet as I don't think it's out in the UK until March.

    But I have always wanted to know more about Richard and his relationship with Elianne. Of particular interest to me was what Michael said to him about how he was dragged through the streets of London naked. Sorry if I'm misremembering I'm going from my very poor memory.

    I also wouldn't mind learning more about Philippe but Richard would be my first choice.

  38. Anonymous5:20 PM

    Thank you for the reminder! I wanted to read Stay the Night first and then forgot about this.

    I would like to see more of Theirry and Jema. We haven't seen much of them. I would also like to see a lot more about the woman who could manipulate stone. I don't remember her name.


  39. I would agree with Korvel, Phillipe, or Jema and Thierry. Night Lost was the last book I finished in the series, so I'm not sure if Jema and Thierry have spoken their final words in the series, but if they haven't, I'd love to see more!

  40. I agree with the comment Phillipe because he deserves it. But I will be happy to read anything about the Darkyn world.

  41. **spoilers for STN**

    I would really like Phillipe to find his guy, Shalan or someone new, I don't really mind. I think he absolutely deserves it...and I think that was one of the hottest scenes in the series. Probably top 3.

    I'd also vote for a piece on John, but I don't have a lot of warm fuzzies about him right now. I'm sure you could turn that around, though.

    And finally, I soooo want to know about the Marian story. That was a cruel (and by that, I mean fantastic) twist.

    Whatever the next story about the Darkyn, I'll be reading it...even if it's Richard.

  42. So difficult to say. Only just read Evermore. Gabriel really got me going. Be nice to see more of him. I always thought the world of Vampires, I know you have named them Darkyn, was secretive and secluded. There seem to be a lot of characters which despite their powers makes their discovery and persecusion by ordinary man seem more likely. Makes it less real if there are hundreds of them. I like stories about characters I have already seen. Something of Phillipe unless you have already covered him in books after Evermore.

  43. Anonymous11:38 PM

    I'm in for Korvel, because I've always liked him and his Alex/Michael situation doesn't feel resolved yet. I want a look inside his head. What's he thinking? How does he feel about the way things went in StN? What's his next move?

    I'd also love to see some resolution for John. He has a few fences to mend.

    I know I'm the only one coming down against Richard and Eliane. Their relationship always struck me as disfunctional and somewhat abusive. It makes me a little queasy to think of a woman, even one as unlikeable as Elaine, sticking it out with a man who treats them so badly. IMHO, Richard needs a severe karmic spanking before I can accept a happy romance for him. And Elaine...well, I hate her so much, I would love to see her end up a childless spinster.

  44. 1. Wow, only two of us for Guy and Marianne? I am throwing in on that one.

    2. I'm assuming John and Luisa will return in the Kyndred books. I had kind of thought they would be the central pillar characters in that series, just as Michael and Alexandra were the pillars in the Darkyn books, but that may be just me jumping to conclusions.

    3. Richard and Eliane...oof. I'm with your initial inclination. Richard's a dick (hyuk yuk yuk), and should stay that way. What about Eliane actually, y'know, getting out from under his thumb and finding someone who actually cares about her as a person? It would give her a reason to grow, and maybe give Richard a reason to not take his servants for granted. That to me would be a much more compelling story.

    4. Will Scarlet and absolutely anyone. Hypnocrooning British dude? YES PLEASE.

  45. Oh, wait, I'm dumb and just realized you already wrote about Will.

    I blame jetlag! On that note, I read "Stay the Night" while on vacation in Mexico. It was awesome, and better than the other book I had along, which I won't mention the name or author of because I'm just too nice.

  46. Guy of Gisborne, hands down. But not with Marianne. I haven't read StN yet, but after TF, I want him to end up with someone else. As the song says, we can't always get what we want, but every now and then, we get what we need. Heh.

    And Will Scarlet. I saw him mentioned up above and, while I haven't read him yet, I trust you implicitly with him, PBW. He's one of my favorite (and, in my humble opinion, one of the most underused) characters in all of literature. Such potential, and always reduced to Little John's sidekick. *sigh*

  47. Lynn -

    I'd definitely like to learn more about the Darkyn vs Brethen impending war -- and Guy and Marian -- the truth about them and that coffin filled with rocks! C'mon!

    Terri B

  48. Anonymous11:19 PM

    Thank You for writing the Darkyn Book. I would like to read about any characters in that world.

    Thank You.

  49. Thank you all for your feedback. I'm going to close the poll now and tally up the votes.