Monday, May 28, 2007

Senior Moment Ten

Ten Things I Had Bookmarked to Post and Have Since Forgot Why

Freeware caution: always scan free downloads of anything for bugs and other threats before dumping the programs into your hard drive.

1. has tweaked, repaired and upgraded their virtual notebook freeware, and has released AM-Notebook Lite v4.1.2 Beta 1 (a repeat; the link is the same but I think I originally posted about an older version.)

2.'s ClipDiary will save all the stuff you post to the clipboard for future retrieval (I don't see a limit on the number of saved clips, which would be very helpful to those with active clipboards.)

3. Old Dominion University Libraries's page of Digital Projects and Resources
and UoC Berkely's Digital Library Project (I think I grabbed these for a ten list about virtual libraries or something along those lines.)

4. Flickr's Toys Page (I'm pretty sure that there were some image generators on here I wanted to try out. The Billboard maker is fun, and the Writer is that online writing environment minus the usual bells and whistles.)

5.'s Medieval Fashion page (I think someone e-mailed and asked me if I'd found any interesting links on this period's garments.)

6. Tweak your images with PhotoFiltre freeware (drawing a blank, but I might have earmarked this one for a graphics ten list I already did, or it's a leftover.)

7. Phrase Express Autotext 4.1.6, also upgraded, allows you to retrieve commonly-used phrases and such from the task tray and paste them into any application (Another repeat, possibly saved because there's an upgraded version now.)

8. Printable Notebook freeware arranges your data in notebook format for printing; there's a companion program they're selling for a small price that allows you to customize your own page templates (this looks like a new link, and they've dropped the price on the accompanying customizing software.)

9. Kids of all ages can play Stranded, the University of Arizona's interactive fiction game (probably bookmarked for my children to check out but I always like passing along links to fiction games.)

10. Find and manage your stored documents with Wise Doc Manager (have no clue why I bookmarked this. None.)

I know I had put aside Julia West's Character Feelings and Moods and Emotions lists for a post I meant to write about two-emotional characters (I'm happy, I'm sad, that's it.) I can't find the draft of the post, but basically it was me griping about the largely bi-polar emotional range of genre protagonists. If I can't unearth it, I'll simply rewrite it (I'm already thinking it would make an excellent addition to the ongoing adventures of John and Marcia.)

Also (a new perk I'm adding on Mondays) a sneak peek at PBW this week:

-- Preview the brand new match-making service for authors. Then run away, very fast.

-- Learn the important signs that indicate if your novel has become a Mercy Read.

-- The very best web sites for writers that the diligent link list makers over at Writer's Digest somehow overlooked.

-- Music for visualizing, plus a chance to have a musicwish granted and receive a copy of the Nickelback album that inspired me while I was writing Night Lost, my personal notes about the songs involved, and a signed copy of the end result.


  1. Mercy read. I'm not sure I want to know the signs. : O But the bipolar character as performed by John and Marcia, I'm SO there.

    And happy memorial day, you courageous vet.

  2. Hmmmm....Music to write by.

    I would be very curious to see what music you listen to. I have a very wide range of what I listen to, but I"m always looking for something new.

    Looks like Mondays are going to be a little more fun, for a change!

  3. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Aw, man, PBW, you woke up my dormant interaction fiction obsession. Now I'm going to be cruising the IF Archive. If you know someone who's into this kind of thing, Inform 7 lets even non-programmers write IF games.

    It really helped me get better at descriptions, too. I'm prone to leaving them out entirely, but good text adventure games have a knack for delivering the essentials clearly and succinctly. (Of course, the bad games are formulaic, tedious, and obscure. . . but let's not talk about those. ;-) )

    Happy Memorial Day, too, PBW!

  4. Happy Memorial Day, PBW, and thanks for the list.


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