Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Night Lost Arrives

Turns out my release date for Night Lost is today rather than May 7th. Surprise!

Got Gabriel?

I don't know why it's out a week early, but readers are telling me that it's shipping from the online booksellers, and my sister says I'm already on the shelf at BAM. When we went this afternoon to pick up some mulch for the front yard, my son headed over to the book/magazine section for the latest issue of Shonen Jump, and brought back a copy of NL with that big Wal-Mart price sticker plastered over Gabriel's forehead like a weird bandaid.

I was going to make a pathetic determined effort at posting some self-promo for Night Lost next week. I was. Really. Wait, wait, I did do some already -- I spent the day over at Shiloh's last week (which was great) talking about myself (which is torture.) That counts.

Be so much easier if I could just blame the dog.

Anyway, if you have enjoyed the Darkyn books, or like vampire fiction but are interested in trying something different, and you'd be okay with making my publisher extremely happy and keeping me employed, I invite you to pick up Night Lost, available nation-wide today.


  1. Anonymous1:22 AM

    More reading material for us. Early, too. Bonus :-}

  2. Anonymous1:24 AM

    Walmart did ship a week early. I've read it already and loved it! Really fantastic! :)

  3. Not just nation-wide, P. I got the latest download catalogue from Rendezvous Bookstore in Melbourne and Night Lost is one of the feature books.

    So it's available world-wide.

    Yay you!

  4. Maybe it wasn't released. Maybe it escaped!

  5. It was available here--the Canadian boondocks--on Friday afternoon. My copy is going to the dentist with me this afternoon.

  6. Wonderful!

    Now everyone can read this wonderful wonderful book!

  7. Yea... we have to run out and give some estimates this morning. I'll see if I can run by Wally's and see if it's there.

  8. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Well, that bites (for me). I'm helping at my old job this week while the other nurse is out on medical leave. Which means no reading time until the weekend.

    For you? Hope it sells a million.

  9. Happy release day!

  10. Woohoo, it's out early! Can't wait to get my copy and find out what happens next. Geez, what a cliffhanger you left us on.

  11. I'm loving it--in fact, it's taking all my will power to suppress the call of the book so I can work! Gabriel is my favorite Kyn so far.

  12. I'm sorry. I just can't run out and get my copy right now. Why not, you ask? Cause I'm feverishly working my way through the Stardoc books! Fortunately I was warned about the mother of all cliff hangers that ended book 2 with a "What?!!" *g*.
    Seriously though, Happy Release Day, and I can't wait to get my hands on it and read!

  13. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Congrats on release day! I'm not into vamps, sorry, Lynn! But I DID get the first Darkyn book for my best friend who IS into vamps. Will prod her to buy the rest of the series. Or purchase the next couple as a present. Whatever. *determined to support you*


  14. Congrats on the release! I know our little stores in the Keys don't have it, but I'll check Publix and if that doesn't pan out, I will definitely get it next time I'm "off the rock".

  15. Anonymous1:41 PM

    I'm already finished it and wow. You are a very talented writer. Congratulations. Here's hoping it makes the best sellers list!
    ~Briana N.

  16. Yay for new releases! I work at a B&N in receiving and was just telling the girl who works with me about your Darkyn books. The next box I open - there's ten of those bright green eyes looking at me. Needless to say, I made lots of happy noises. Unfortunately, I have to wait till Friday to get my copy.
    Congrats on the latest. :)

  17. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Hm...I think I will. =D

  18. Congrats on the Night Lost Release!
    I got mine in the mail today!
    Hugs, Danette

  19. Anonymous7:53 PM

    Amazon/Borders has been listing May 1st as the release date for quite awhile. Bought mine today (required stopping at 3 bookstores, nobody had their new releases out yet), finally.

    Congrats! -dl

  20. Anonymous8:15 PM

    I got mine today too! Very excited. I love the series and decided that I was going to have a whole relaxing night of nothing by Night Lost.

    Thanks PBW,


  21. I picked it up off the shelf at BAM over the weekend. I briefly tried to figure out when BAM started selling mulch, but then I caught on that Wal-Mart sells books, which makes more sense. (See? I'm a little quicker on the uptake than some people thought.)

    And you have that poor little dog writing your books and doing your promotion, too?

    Congrats on the new release. Shutting up now.

  22. Anonymous10:12 PM

    WOO HOO! I received notice that my pre-order (from MONTHS ago!!!) shipped yesterday from Amazon and I should get tomorrow! I CAN'T WAIT!!!

  23. Anonymous8:50 AM

    I was going to tell my spouse that if he needed to work late today, that I can take care of the toddler. Now I'm going to ask him to come home and work from there so that as soon as my son's head hits the pillow I can head out to the bookstore!

    Congratulations on the release- may it bring you more much-deserved success.

  24. Mine should be arriving from amazon today. I can't wait!!

  25. Lynn --

    Picked up my copy at Grand Central Station in NYC -- had to wait until Thursday because of my own deadlines and am now trying to read it slowly.... LOL!

    BTW -- the gal at the bookstore there was very excited about it, talked it up highly.


  26. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Night Lost is wonderful (I couldn't put it down!) and I can't wait for Evermore.

  27. Anonymous11:59 PM

    I have been sitting on the edge of my seat since first stumbling upon Dark Need a over a year ago. After reading it and realizing it was the third of your books I went on a quest to find the first two and proceeded to read the series backwards. (It still worked which impressed me beyond words.) I Just got my copy of Night Lost and it was worth the wait. I have become a die hard fan of your work. Keep up the good work!!! (And keep writing more…lots lots more…and soon!)

  28. oh squee....i just finished it last night and it was yummier-than-chocolate-covered-strawberries awesome!!!!! you are really reviving my faith in the vampire genre!!! you are a wonderful author and i am just astounded by your dedication to writing WELL, not just writing...i can't wait for Evermore and to hear more about Nic and Gabriel!!! (pssst...if you ever find yourself with an extra ARC of Evermore...well, you know...:)


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