Thursday, May 10, 2007


I hate memes, but this one was inflicted on me passed along by friends. So, without further ado:

The Meme Shiloh & Jordan Tagged Me With

Da Rulez:

Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.

People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.

At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

1. I can bake, broil, stew and grill chicken just fine, but for some reason I cannot fry it. Every time I try, it comes out raw or burnt. The Southern Women's Cooking Association have ordered me to tell everyone that I come from Boston.

2. I refuse to wear a watch and I don't like having clocks in my work space. When I'm working, I set a kitchen timer or the clock radio downstairs with the loudest alarm to govern my time. Unless someone tells me, I never know what time, day of the week or date it is and I always guess wrong (which is why Mom got her Mother's Day flowers a week early, just like last year.)

3. Cats and dogs usually like me, even the unfriendly ones, which is why I'm the unofficial neighborhood animal catcher. Spiders, birds, squirrels and snakes regard me with some suspicion but don't bite me. Horses don't like me at all.

3a. With horses it's probably my scent, which around them is Eau du Terrified.

4. Whenever I go on walks or hikes, I pick up small stones, drop them into my pocket and then forget about them. I don't know why. I've found as many as a dozen pebbles in my trouser pockets while I'm doing the laundry.

5. I believe in writing letters to my state and federal elected officials and telling them what I think, so I do, frequently. Congressmen and senators generally send me impersonal form letters, newsletters or e-mail in return. One startling exception, though: when I wrote to President Clinton about the wretched state of senior health care in this country, and how my mother virtually went blind while waiting to get cataract surgery, he sent me a personal reply.

6. I purchase multiple copies of books that I enjoy so that I'll have a supply to share, should they ever go out of print. I also love to hunt copies of my favorite OOP books in junk shops, thrift stores and rummage sales.

7. I refused to drink milk when I was a kid and would throw up whenever Mom tried to make me. Ice cream, cheese and other dairy products made me sick, too. Everyone thought I was being picky and I got a lot of grief about it. I found out the reason for my dairy aversion only recently, when we discovered that my daughter is seriously lactose intolerant. Turns out, so am I.

8. I first learned how to drive by practicing in an ambulance in the parking lot behind the hospital where I worked.

I've got to hit the hay, so I'm going to break one of the rules and tag everyone who reads this post and wants to do the meme. If you do, post a link to your list in comments so we can come over and find out eight things about you.


  1. Eau de Lavender can cover up Eau de Terrified, or so I'm told.

    Is a free e-book a Freee-boook?

  2. I got tagged a few days back on this meme. Here are my answers, if you're so inclined to take a look.

  3. Anonymous7:29 AM


    I love memes. I'm insatiably nosy and memes are a way to find out things I prolly wouldn't otherwise know.

  4. I was double tagged.
    Posted today for those who need a sleep-aid.
    I refuse to pass on the plague.

  5. I wasn't tagged, but I did it yesterday anyway.

  6. Anonymous9:40 AM

    My answers are here:

  7. I did it. I blamed you.

  8. Double tagged. Okay, I can come up with 8 things...

  9. Lynn...count me in on #8--almond milk ROCKS!

  10. I actually got tagged by Val yesterday, but since you asked too I can't ignore you both.

    I have no idea how to make a link in here. Sorry.


  11. Anonymous3:30 PM

    I learned to drive on an ambulance too! Small world :D

  12. Nifty facts to know.

    Also, following the post from Holly, Congrats on your well deserved success!

  13. I, too, was already tagged, so I'm delighted to get a twofer out of it. Here are my answers:

  14. Oh, and around the time you were throwing up after consuming milk products, I would have stopped calling it "picky."

  15. I did it! it's hard to find people to tag anymore...

  16. Anonymous8:42 PM

    *gasp* unwittingly tagged!

    Here you go: (I don't know how to link it.)

    Oh, and congrats on being #21 in the NYT bestseller list!

  17. Anonymous11:46 PM

    I read on Holly Lisle's blog that you hit #21 on the NYT Bestseller List with Night Lost, so I just dropped by to say...


  18. Congrats on hitting #21 on the NYT Bestseller List! That is quite awesome, and well deserved.

  19. Hugs on the lactose intolerance. And I used to do the same thing with shells until my whole collection got crushed during a move. Before that there was always something in my pockets :).

    Congrats on the NYT and the Borders list. That's great. And thanks for the reminder. I knew I had visit a bookstore on my list for some good reason :D.

    Umm, yeah, on this meme thing. I was double tagged like some others. Couldn't figure out who to pass it on to, but at least I did it.

    More Odd Than Stray

  20. Congrats on hitting the NYT list, Lynn!

  21. My 8 things are now here:

    Night Lost hit the NYT list? How'd I miss that? WOOOHOOO!

  22. I used this as an excuse to get back into blogging. At least, that's what I'm telling my girlfriend. Thanks for a reason to come back outta my shell.


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