Monday, May 15, 2006

Saving Ten

Ten Things to Save Time

Freeware caution: always scan free downloads of anything for bugs and other threats before dumping the programs into your hard drive.

1. Edit HTML simply and efficiently with Alleycode.

2. FastStone offers a bunch of time-saving freeware photoshop programs.

3. Syncon has a freebie version of Idea!, a software program to efficiently sort and organize information, documents, databases and more.

4. Need a small but trusty freeware countdown timer? Try Micro Egg Timer.

5. Generate virtual index cards with's Text Block Writer.

6. For the wordcloud lovers and unconscious repeaters out there, Textanz from checks the text of anything loaded from anywhere, and calculates how often words, phrases or wordforms are used. They also offer Fore Words, which does the same thing as a plug-in to Microsoft Word.

7.'s Time Tool program allows you to track how much time you spend on multiple projects.

8. Gljakal's To Do freeware helps remind you of all those things you're going to forget to do without it.

9. Tired of typing the same stuff over and over? Let TypeItIn remember and do it for you.

10. WebSearchBar is a toolbar for Internet Explorer that helps you search via the most popular search engines out there with one click.


  1. Another countdown timer (Yes, I wrote it)

    You can run up to 40 simultaneous countdowns, and they can either sound an alert or run a program (or open a URL in your browser).

  2. Sweet! Egg timer. I keep meaning to pick up one but wow. I like this one. Simple.

  3. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Kate wrote: how's the bird?

    She's doing very well at the habitat. At my request, they've named her "Clarice." :)

  4. Now, if you really wanted to post a link to a timesaver, you'd go out and find a device that would make me quit blogging and get to work.

  5. find a device that would make me quit blogging and get to work.

    The device you need is called 'a pair of scissors', and you use them on that blue network cable connecting your PC to the ADSL router ;-)

  6. Is she named for Clarice in Silence of the Lambs? (That seems very PBW to me.)

  7. Anonymous8:00 AM

    I meant to thank you, that link for the Time Tool program, it rocks! It's already helped my productivity (4 new necklaces since I installed it...okay, 4 ridiculously complicated and fussy necklaces that look simple, but aren't)
    It's astounding how much time I waste and now I can track it. Thank you again for finding that gem.


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