Monday, May 01, 2006

Da Code Ten

Ten Things About Colors and Color Codes

1. Get the lowdown on color hue, chromaticity, saturation, value and luminance at's Advanced Color Theory.

2.'s Color Theory page explains basic color and color harmony.

3. ITA's Complete HTML Color Chart.

4. Get hex codes as well as a look at page layouts at Color Scheme Generator 2.

5. Generate your own virtual paint chips at Color Schemer Online.

6. Jeff Minard's Online Color Palette Generator picks a palette of complimentary colors for any image you upload.

7. Website Wisdom has a simple web page generator that will generate html code for you based on your preferences.

8. offers The Color Spot at HTML Station, which includes a very neat Hex Hub to help you code your colors.

9. For those who are afraid to ask, What is HTML explains the code, in simple language, with examples.

10. Scott Pamatat talks about the importance of color in web site design in his article Your Choice of Web Site Color.

(Most of the generator links were pinched from The Generator Blog.)


  1. Anonymous6:59 AM

    I had no idea . . .

    To me colour comes in two forms - light and dark.

    This distinction, for me, is very handy during laundry day . . .

    Also a benefit when deciding what type of snow is okay to eat . . .

  2. I think number 10 ought to be recommended reading for people who attempt to design their websites.

    Sites done with bright red backgrounds, blue fonts, orange backgrounds, yellow fonts... shudder...

  3. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Paul, any male who does laundry should be worshipped daily. Bless you.

    Shiloh, you and I have been to too many of the same websites.

    #6, btw, is an excellent tool if you're planning to build a web page around your cover art or a pic or even your author photo. Once you upload that image, change the grid size to 7X7 and then hover over each color that shows (a code for it will appear under the grid.)

  4. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Thanks, Nancy. :)


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