Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Anyone who says you can't find inspiration in your own backyard needs to visit mine.

Self-doubt never got anyone anywhere

Now this little guy appears to be totally out of his depth, not to mention living dangerously, what with all the frog-hungry snakes and herons hanging out in our hood. He doesn't look too worried, though, does he? That look on his face is downright smug. Whatever it took this petite green Spiderman -- climbing straight up a twenty foot wall was part of it -- he got where he wanted to be.

Being a frog isn't easy, I imagine. You're always looking up at the sky, but you're stuck in the dirt. You want to fly; you can only hop. You have to swallow a lot of nasty things simply to stay alive. Other, bigger critters likely think all you're good for is making a racket at night or starring in bad beer commercials. Suave French chefs might pinch your thighs now and then, but only to check how nice and fat they are.

When you're a frog, I'm sure that no princess shows up at your puddle to kiss you and change you into royalty. You're a frog for life. Sure, you might get to move to a bigger pond, but there are no guarantees you can stay there. There are only so many bugs to go around, and a bunch of other frogs living there or waiting to grab your spot on the lily-pad. We see enough roadkill to know that every frog does not have his day.

What's the point of climbing up out of the dirt, or leaving behind the safety of the pond? And, God, why try to move into a birdhouse, of all things? You could fall. Something that actually belongs there could show up and munch on you. A bigger frog could come along and kick you out. Or you might live a long and prosperous life doing things few frogs ever do.

Anyway. Good thing we're not frogs, right?

(dedicated to Doug Hoffman, who believes that "you can never have too many frog photos on your blog.")


  1. Anonymous12:21 AM

    Cool -- and I even get to comment first!

    I love it (but you knew I would). Gotta say, I've always had trouble seeing frogs as down-trodden critters. My blue poison dart frogs seem happy enough to me.


  2. Anonymous12:48 AM

    I posted some frogs for you.

  3. Cool photos Sheila & Doug! (And those blue frogs really aren't real are they? ;) )

  4. Anonymous1:41 AM

    Anyway. Good thing we're not frogs, right?


  5. Dare I say it?

    It's not easy being green...

  6. Anonymous4:18 AM

    hee. he's adorable. and smug in his froggy condo.

  7. Anonymous4:38 AM

    Great post today, Sheila! He's adorable in his cozy new home.

  8. He’s probably plotting the downfall of western civilisation – that’s why he looks so smug. Or he’s wasted, one of the two. But my money’s on the downfall of western civilisation.

  9. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Did you kiss him?

    What did he turn into?

    And he looks to me like a crime-lord in charge of those high-priced bird condos. Only thing missing is the cigar . . .

    Don't mess with boss frog!

  10. good grief... he does looks smug, doesn't he? I love it.

    I find these sticky pawed little frogs ON my front door from time to time. I'm not really a frog lover, but my darlin brat of a daughter thinks they are adorable.

  11. Hi!
    My name is Kermit and...
    I love frogs.

  12. I love that photo.

    Hey, can you imagine the patience it took for him to get up there?

  13. Oh, my. Next time I'm feeling sorry for myself, I'm gonna think of that little guy. He knows what's up.

  14. Anonymous12:18 PM

    I just like your blog in general. Thanks...!


  15. Anonymous2:11 PM

    That's what I call backyard gentrification. ;-)

    Very cute indeed.


  16. Can't tell from the pic, but I bet he's a tree frog. *g* Not too many much lily-pad sitting there but a whole lot of tree-climbing and "I'm a HOT SEXY GUY!!!!" singing.


  17. Lol, that's a smart little frog indeed. I won't wonder if he painted the inside of his mouth yellow and makes the birds that live in the place, feed him.

  18. Fabulous picture! I swear that frog is smiling.

  19. What a remarkable picture. I have a good friend who bought his wife a frog for Valentines day. She loved it.

  20. Anonymous7:07 PM

    Moving on up... That is a great picture. He does look so very smug.

  21. cute pic and you have a good eye im guessing you are a photographer

  22. I love that photo, and the message in your post. :-)

  23. Anonymous11:43 PM

    That's one smug frog indeed!

    What a great picture!

    Since it's animal week, how's baby starling doing?


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