Sunday, October 23, 2005


The first of the big storms from the outer bands of Hurricane Wilma are rolling through my neighborhood at the moment, and we've got lightning and rain, but not much wind (yet.) We've been on tornado watch most of the day, but it looks like Tampa and regions to the south are seeing the twisters. Schools are closed tomorrow and we're prepped for losing power, water, and access to town.

You'd know something was coming by how the animals are behaving. My mom reports that her dogs having been throwing up, and my three cats are following me around from room to room like they think I'm going to run out on them.

The thunder is promising to knock out the power soon, so I'm going to post tomorrow's ten list a little early, then shut down until the storm passes. To all the clan, friends, and neighbors here and in South Florida: Be smart, stay safe, and let us know you're okay when you can.


  1. Many prayers up for you, and good sturdy thoughts in your direction! Glad to hear you're well prepped. Thinking of you and yours.

  2. Anonymous11:35 PM

    Stay low and keep moving.

    -- F

  3. Anonymous12:08 AM

    Sending prayers and wishes that you stay well and safe. And since so much seems to depend on the luck of the draw with these things, very best of luck to you and yours.

    My mom's in Florida, too. I'm worried for you all.

  4. Prayers for you and yours!!

  5. We're praying for you and everyone in Wilma's path! Stay safe,

  6. Been praying for you and everyone else in Wilma's path. Stay safe. Let us know you're all OK as soon as you can. :)


  7. PBW said: You'd know something was coming by how the animals are behaving.

    It was absolutely silent here this morning. Not a rustle of leaf or chirp of bird to be heard. Wilma, or what's left of her, is to pass directly over Nova Scotia today, so we're prepared for a stormy day. Nothing like you Floridians sustained yesterday, but a dirty day, just the same. Power outages will likely be the worst we see here. I'm glad you're safe!


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