Sunday, October 23, 2005


PBW's Short Golden Writer Rules

1. Don't explain the book.
2. Don't defend the book.
3. If it sucks, trash it.
4. If it's solid, pitch it.
5. Focus.
6. Tell the truth.
7. Teach for free.
8. Kiss no ass.
9. Forgive and forget.
10. If you can't do #9, shut up.

These apply only to me; your rules may vary. If you've got some, post them in comments. (Golden rules idea filched from Rip Lips Off, found via Patricia's place.)


  1. Damn, Stephanie got there first...

  2. 11. No excuses.

    A damn good list of rules, if you ask me. Do you mind if keep a copy?

  3. Anonymous10:13 AM

    I might be the only one, but

    12. Be Thankful

    is important to me.

  4. Those are great!! I'm going to print them out and remember them.

  5. 1. Sit and write.

    2. Be thankful.

    3. Keep writing.

    4. Pay forward.

    5. Keep writing.

  6. Anonymous12:37 PM

    1. Get over yourself. Please.

    This is something I need to remember on a regular basis. Just because I have the ability to pontificate doesn't mean I should.

  7. Anonymous6:43 AM

    1.) Write.

    2.) Finish it.

    3.) Fix it.

    4.) Let it go. It's not your baby anymore. This is business.

    5.) Write more.

    6.) If rejection happens, no wallowing. Vent the emotions, and then get the frell back to work. Wallowing is pointless.

    7.) The creation part may be personal. The business part is not. Let it go, and keep on with moving forward.

    8.) Never dismiss or be rude to someone just because they aren't in a position to help you right now. Just because a person is some lowly intern or an unpublished author today doesn't mean they will be tomorrow. The publishing world is small, and word travels fast. Value everyone you meet.

    9.) Keep striving for your absolute best.

  8. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Never name names, mock and badmouth about agents and editors in public. Gossip spreads, and you never know. They might be vindictive.

    Actually... a friend of mine, who has a razor sharp tongue, once ridiculed an editor in public. About ten years ago. Very funny, pretty offending. Well-deserved, too, believe me. No one knows what happened later, but one thing is a fact.
    My friend, who was and is a multi-published, successful writer working for several publishers, has never had a single proposal accepted by that editor or anyone working under her. Maybe a co-incidence. Maybe not.

  9. Love your rules!

    I'll tag on...

    Don't procrastinate. Write everyday.

    What goes around comes around. Always remember that!

    A quote that sits on my desk..."In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity" ~ Albert Einstein

  10. Wonderful words of wisdom!

  11. Anonymous10:37 PM

    How about:
    Pay NO attention to those numbers or words on Amazon!


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