Friday, October 07, 2005

Help Us Obi Wan

Ladies, it seems that the Empire is Striking Back:

The Encyclopedia of Exes, stories written by all male authors

"She's Just Not That Into You" was taken already, I guess.

I'm amusing myself by imagining the individual story titles:

I. Slept With Her Sister Once, the Bitch Sells My SUV for $1

II. But That Dress Really Did Make Her Look Fat

III. I Still Don't Know What She Meant by Foreplay

IV. Her Water Broke, But It Was a PlayOff Game, Damn It!.

One comment made about the book that made me aspirate my Mandarin Orange Spice:

"And the ultra-girly-girl cover. Not that I dislike it or anything. But if you're going to publish a book of stories by men about bad relationships, you'd be better off illustrating it with say, a photo of a crushed beer can and a crumpled condom wrapper." -- Rick Kleffel (read the rest of Rick's take here; scroll all the way down to the bottom.)

So, what do we call this? Dick-lit?


  1. V. Hey, I would've listened to her if she'd had anything worth saying.

    Dick-lit. I could write that!

  2. Oh dear. #IV could be a story my own father would write. He really did tell my mom something of that nature when she was pregnant with my sister.

    Needless to say, one of many reasons that marriage did not last.

  3. But... but... that dress really DID make her look fat.

    I thought relationships were supposed to be about honesty.

  4. Anonymous7:56 AM

    So, what do we call this? Dick-lit?

    Note to self: Refrain from drinking when reading PBW. Choking is not conducive to long life. *-*

  5. I like Dick-lit, it fits.

  6. It really does look like a chicklit cover, I wonder what the artist was thinking?

  7. Dick lit...

  8. The "Sex and the City: tNG" would do fine on Spike. Like that "Blind Date" show... It's so much more fun that the non-male counterpart, "Matchmaker."

    Maybe I'll make my NaNoWriMo piece a dick-lit masterpiece!

  9. Anonymous1:02 PM

    Why the cover? That's an easy one: women are the intended audience.

    Think about it. How many men actually read books about relationships?

  10. This is so weird... I was actually talking to another writer friend about creating a name to categorize my novel, Down For Whatever.

    We brainstormed Dick-Lit.

    Now, maybe I'll use it. lol. It's cute. And it works... especially for my novel's target audience.

  11. I think Katherine's right! LOL

    He dropped me off for my labor induction and went back to work

    My own to add to the list *snicker*

  12. Ahm... if you call it 'dick-lit', wouldn't that provoke some people to change the name of 'chick-lit' to... 'c*it-lit'?

    Hey! I was just askin'.

  13. Anonymous10:57 AM

    It strikes my as ironic that most of you are poking fun at men for writing what women have been writing for decades. Writing about relationships from a gender-specific point of view. That, among other things, is what romance writing is all about. That is what the (approximately) eighty-nine zillion self-help books on relationships are all about and that's what Cosmo puts in each and every magazine to sell it to thousands of women across the USA, Europe and (probably) other places. This isn't any different than what you ladies are out there paying good money for, it's just not from a woman's POV.

  14. F. O'Brien, when will you learn to follow my example and shamelessly pander to women in exchange for their kindness? If you try to turn this into a serious discussion, you're never gonna score.

  15. Anonymous12:59 AM

    I'm married.
    -- F.

    (I suppose that could be taken any number of ways. Don't need to score, forgot what it's like to score, too happy in my current position to worry about scoring, don't want to score with anyone else, got fouled out and the score doesn't matter, don't try any more and instead make serious comments as if something else mattered...)

  16. Anonymous10:54 PM

    Sorry I'm falling behind on comments. Deadlines are gulping down my internet time, and today I had the pleasure of introducing 150 thirteen year olds to the business of publishing today at one of our local schools.

    Katherine, I'm with you on the cover art.

    Douglas, shameless as always. For the record, you had me at chelicera.

    F., 'tis true, I shouldn't have poked as much fun as I did at this book. I suffer from a plethora of exes, though, so it was something of a knee-jerk reaction.


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