Friday, October 29, 2004


Today I did something I've never done before: I hired a voice actor to read/record an excerpt from If Angels Burn. I'll have eight minutes of the book for you all to listen to once the new site goes live.

The site project manager asked me if I wanted to read it myself, and when I was done laughing I politely declined. A few years back, after observing other authors read from their own books, I had to make one of those never, ever, ever vows. As in, I will never, ever, ever drink Coca-Cola -- or anything -- while I'm in close proximity to a very famous author in a Versace cocktail dress. Again, I mean.

The gentleman who is doing the reading will do a terrific job. I listened to forty seconds of his work and was spellbound. And considering my normal speaking voice waffles between Florence Henderson and Daisy Duke, you should thank me for not subjecting you to it.

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