Sunday, October 10, 2004

Change of Direction

Hurricane Jeanne didn't do me many favors, except one: she got my head straight about the writer I am. That writer doesn't need to shine a spotlight on literary crime or write tickets for what other writers do wrong. Nobody made me the Publishing Cop.

My written journals have always been about the journey, not the people who get in my way. Another Jeanne revelation; people only get in your way if you let them. You can always find a way around any block.

My journals have always been honest, too. This is who is talking to you: Sheila Kelly. I'm a professional writer, and I've sold nine novels to major publishers in 2004. I have twenty-four books in print now, and have sold thirty-one novels, all to major publishers, since 1998. I write under the names Gena Hale, Jessica Hall, Rebecca Kelly, Lynn Viehl, S.L. Viehl, and one other I am not able to disclose due to the terms of my contract (but will if the publisher gives me the green light.)

I've had one other weblog, StarLines, which I shut down mainly because the deranged comments and e-mail I received in the last month of writing it. I hated that -- hated being driven away from something I loved -- all because of a couple of internet idiots. I didn't know how to handle it, either, except to shut down everything.

As I have in so many ways, I'm now following the example set by my friend, Holly Lisle, who has an online writing diary. Like her Silent Bounce, there are no comments or e-mail here. I've also stopped playing Publishing Cop, so no one should feel any urge to threaten me or my loved ones.

There will be more later. I just shipped out three manuscripts, a combined total of 280,00 words, which I wrote in six weeks, and survived three major hurricanes. Today I'm not going to write anymore. I'm spending the rest of the day with my love and our kids.

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